Report on Tolan Hotel Al Khobar

المسافرون العرب

Tolan Al Khobar Hotel is one of the best hotels in Al Khobar, which is in the middle of the city center and is close to Al Khobar Corniche, as well as tourist and leisure attractions.
In this report, we collected for you the most important details of Tolan Hotel Suites, such as the location and nearby attractions, room types, prices, and we start with the most important features.

Advantages of Tolan Hotel Al Khobar

Tolan Hotel Suites Al Khobar contains air-conditioned rooms that are suitable for families and are allergen-free and there are non-smoking rooms.
The design of the hotel is predominant in luxury and has exquisitely decorated rooms that provide the visitor with a comfortable stay.
There is a chapel at the hotel, free parking and free internet access.
The hotel provides an airport shuttle service, and staff are fluent in both Arabic and English.

Dining options

Tolan Al Khobar Hotel contains one restaurant that excels in making delicious dishes from international and oriental kitchens in an open buffet.
You can have a snack with a cup of coffee or juices and cocktails at the hotel bar.

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Available rooms

Deluxe double room for up to 2 adults.
Two bedroom apartment for up to 4 adults.
Three bedroom apartment for up to 6 adults.
One-bedroom apartment for two adults.

Hotel rates

Overnight rates at Tolan Hotel Al Khobar start from $ 45 in a double double room for two people during the tourist season.
You can get lower rates during off-season periods.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings
Tolan Hotel Al Khobar got good reviews for both location, staff performance, comfort, cleanliness, and value for money.
There are some notes on the cleanliness of the room as well as the situation.
Report on Tolan Hotel Al Khobar - Report on Tolan Hotel Al Khobar

Tolan Hotel Khobar website

King Fahd International Airport is 54 km from Tolan Al Khobar Hotel.
There are many tourist attractions near the hotel, the most important of which is the Khobar Corniche, which is 7.7 kilometers from the hotel, and 5.1 kilometers from the Khobar Mall.

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To view more information and the current prices offered by Tolan Hotel Suites, you can visit the hotel page on the Bukking website.
Report on Tolan Hotel Al Khobar - Report on Tolan Hotel Al Khobar

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