Report on tourism in Comoros

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Tourism in Comoros

The tourism sector was not utilized during the independence period in Comoros, as the tourism sector has been stagnant since 1983 AD. As the occupancy of hotel rooms in 2002 reached 19% of the total number of rooms in the islands, the number of tourists coming to the islands is 18,936, and the revenue of tourists is approximately $ 11 million. The Comoros is a group of islands that are located at the northern end of the canal Mozambique in the Indian Ocean. They are Ngazidja, Mohéli, Anjouan, and Mayotte. The Comoros is located between Madagascar and southern Africa and is 290 kilometers from the east coast of Africa. The Comoros is the least visited country around the world, with the number of visitors annually 3000 tourists, and a large number of these visitors are indigenous people who migrated outside the islands and return annually to their homes And their families. The tourism infrastructure is poor, and this leaves tourists to manage for themselves.

The most important tourist places in the Comoros

Among the most important attractions in Comoros, isolated beaches and sailing places where tourists can practice diving in coral reefs, fishing names, sailing, going on environmental tours and many others. There are many important tourist destinations in the Comoros, including:

Kartala Mountain

Mount Kartala is the largest active volcano in the entire world, where the crater is about one mile in diameter, and the volcano erupts repeatedly, and the last time the volcano erupted in the twenty-first century formed a distinctive desert feature.

Mawali Island

Mawali Island is the smallest island in the Comoros Islands, and the island is famous for its clean, unpolluted beaches and clean waters. On the island, the island’s first protected area is the Moheli Water Park.


Flores Island

Indonesian island of Lombok


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