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France is the ideal tourist destination for many tourists all over the world, as France is the country of culture and art in all forms and fields without any dispute, in addition to being a country of beauty, sophistication and tranquility that the visitor is looking for, and for all that is mentioned, France is considered the tourist country Who is at the forefront of being different and unique from other countries and cities around the world.

Beginning of the trip to France

Tourism in France is considered a unique experience, as it is considered for the tourist the journey of a lifetime that many tourists seek and wish in all parts of the world, and it cannot be easily achieved. The tourist attractions in France vary between historical, architectural, artistic, natural, etc., and it is worth noting that there is more For thirty-eight thousand buildings restricted in the French Ministry of Tourism as they are important historical and archaeological buildings and monuments, and one of the most beautiful of these monuments is the Eiffel Tower, which all tourists are keen to visit and take pictures of them beside it, because of its historical and moral importance, and it is mentioned that the Eiffel Tower receives More than six million visitors from all over the world annually.

As for the museum, it occupies an extremely important part of the tourist and cultural formation of France, as these museums attract more than ten million visitors annually, and it is worth noting that there are more than one thousand and two hundred museums throughout the country, which differ in content between artistic holdings and sculptures. And statues, in addition to many famous paintings of famous painters from all over the world from various technical schools.

The most beautiful tourist attractions in France

France is distinguished by many other landmarks in addition to what was previously mentioned, thanks to which the state succeeds in attracting millions of tourists from all the world, and among those landmarks the famous street, the Champs Elysees Street, which is popular with lovers of elegance and fashion, because it contains the most important and famous stores that contain the most famous international brands, in addition to the street contains on The best restaurants. One of the important and famous landmarks in France is the Bologna Garden, which is located in the heart of the capital of the Centennial Paris, and this park brings all lovers who want to spend romantic and intimate times between forests and trees, in addition to sports fans of different The exercise there on a daily basis.
Among the landmarks of the country’s entertainment city (Euro Disney France) for entertainment games, visited by millions of visitors and tourists throughout the days of the year and this city is considered the fourth branch of the famous games city (Walt Disney); so that its name was changed at a later time and became called Disneyland Resort Paris.


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