Report on tourism in Germany

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Tourist attractions in Germany

There are many factors that attract world tourists to visit Germany, and can be mentioned in the following points:

  • Beautiful nature: Germany has a wonderful landscape, with its coasts, valleys, rivers, vineyards, the Alps, glaciers, and other masterpieces of German nature.
  • German civilization: German countries reflect the civilization of the country, which a long time before the expeditions of Columbus’ exploration, and castles, great cities, art museums, opera, and many architectural arts that represent the civilization and traditions of the country.
  • German food and drink: Germany is characterized by its local food and drinks that attract tourists.
  • History of Germany: Germany is distinguished by its long history, as Germany has influenced other countries through the Hanseatic League and the Reform League, which is the birthplace of Martin Luther, Albert Einstein, Karl Marx and Beethoven, and it is a country famous for cars, printers, and MP3 technology.
  • Historical places: Germany contains many historical places, including: the Roman amphitheater, a medieval castle, and the Berlin Wall.

Tourist places in Germany

The city of Berlin

Berlin is one of the most visited and attractive places for world tourists in Germany. It is the capital of Germany, and it is linked to a rich history and culture, and contains 138 museums, more than 400 art galleries, parks and forests cover a third of Berlin, and the most visited places in the city Potsdam Square, The Berlin Wall, the French Cathedral, the Museum Island (Museuminsel), and many others.


Munich is the second most visited city in Germany, located on the banks of the Essar River in Bavaria. The city is distinguished by its historical and cultural importance, and it is one of the main cultural centers on the European continent. The city includes many museums and art galleries, which are major attractions of the city.


Hamburg represents the second largest German city, and the third most visited city, and it enjoys a prosperous tourism sector, in which more than 175,000 people work, and the tourism industry is one of the most developed industries in the country, and places that witness a tourist turnout in Hamburg City Hall, and St. Michael’s Church, Walkway, Old Warehouse District, Reeperbahn District.


The city of Dresden is part of the Free State of Saxony, located on the banks of the River Elbe, and is characterized by being one of the greenest cities in the European continent, with forests and gardens covering 63% of the city area, and the city has a long and rich history; since it served as the capital and headquarters Residence of the Kings of Saxony, and the city is growing beautiful through palaces, amazing churches, and amazing architectural creativity.

Traveling to Germany

You can travel to Germany via the following transportation question:

  • Rail: You can travel to Germany by regular trains, which connect Germany with all neighboring countries.
  • Cars: There are many cars in most major German cities.
  • Aircraft: Air travel is the best option for tourists, as most of the international airlines organize flights at airports, especially airports in Frankfurt, Munich, Dusseldorf, Berlin, Cologne, and Hamburg.


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