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Tourism in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the cities rich in architectural and cultural beauty, which includes many important landmarks such as: museums, palaces, and monuments, in addition to hundreds of water fountains scattered in the city, and many of these places occupy a position in the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites, which is a destination to buy The country’s famous carpets, tiles, and ceramics.
The average number of tourists coming to Turkey in the period from 1993 AD and 2020 AD is approximately 1664626.22, and the highest level of visitors ever reached in July of 2015 as the number of tourists reached 5480502, and during the year 2020, the number of foreign tourists increased by 28.27% as the number reached 2.655 Million in April ..

Tourism places in Istanbul

There are many attractions in Istanbul, including:


There are many famous museums in Istanbul, the most famous of which is the Adam Mickiewicz Museum, which was the home of the Polish poet who is known as the poet of freedom, and contains many important documents and information about his works and his life, and the Istanbul Archeology Museum which is filled with Romen antiquities.

Mosques and churches

There are many mosques and churches in Istanbul, such as the Blue Mosque built by Sultan Ahmed, which is the largest in Istanbul, and the Ahi Chalabi Mosque occupies an important place in Istanbul, and among the important churches: the Aya Sofia Church which was considered the greatest in the Christian kingdom, and with the establishment of the Turkish Kingdom was used As a mosque, it is currently used as a museum, and another important church is the Memorial Church of Crimea, known as the Church of Christ, which was built to commemorate the memory of the English South who fought in the Crimean War.

Other tourist places in Turkey

Other places in Turkey:

  • Topkapi Palace.
  • Turkish and Islamic Art Museum.
  • The Grand Bazaar.
  • Ephesians.
  • Pamukkale.
  • Olympus and Chimaera fires.
  • Goreme Open Air Museum.
  • Derinkuyu and Kaymakli are underground cities.
  • Troy.

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