Report on tourism in Japan

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Japan is located in the far north-east of the continent of Asia, which is a large number of islands distributed on the western coasts of the Pacific Ocean, forming an archipelago that extends longitudinally from north to south with a tendency to the east. The surface is mountainous, with mountains forming about three quarters of the total area of ​​Japan, and Mount Fuji is considered the highest mountain peaks, and these mountains penetrate deep valleys forming dirt basins at the bases of these mountains, and these basins are considered fertile areas, and the plains occupy a few areas of land Japanese: no more than a quarter of the total area.

Climate of Japan

Water surrounds the Japanese islands from all sides, and is affected by warm and cold marine currents, and these currents leave significant impacts on the climate, and the occurrence of most Japanese islands in the range of northern moderate exposures exposes them to southern winds coming from the Pacific during the summer, and the Japanese islands are exposed to Northwind winds come from cold areas during the winter season, which leads to temperatures below freezing.
The best time to visit Japan is the spring season, when cherry blossoms that are called sakura blossoms bloom, and these flowers have great value for the Japanese, as they are related to ancient accounts that express a great cultural heritage. The extension of the Japanese islands in a longitudinal way from north to south has had a great impact on finding a difference In temperatures between north and south, tourists can get warm and sun in the south, and they can ski on the northern islands.

Tourist areas in Japan

Among the best tourist areas in Japan:

  • Himeji Castle or White Castle: This castle is considered one of the most beautiful castles in Japan. It has been included in the list of UNESCO cultural heritage and is considered a national treasure, and its number of visitors is estimated at 820,000 visitors per year.
  • Hokkaido: This island is considered one of the largest and most important islands in Japan, as it is visited by tourists from all over the world, and it includes national parks, rice fields, and green houses, and this island is cold in the winter, and it falls heavily in snow, which made it an attractive area for ski lovers. .
  • Taketumi Island: This island, despite its small size, is a tourist area characterized by its one-story houses that are covered with tiles, as well as the finest types of restaurants, food stores, and handicrafts.
  • Gardens: Public parks are ubiquitous on Japanese soil, but the most famous of them is the Garden of Six Poems, which means the Six Principles Poetic Garden, and this park is located in Tokyo, the capital.
  • OKI Mashi Village: It is a village located in Ano Prefecture in Gifu Prefecture, and it is known as the historical village, and it is located between the mountain peaks away from[[Urbanandsocialaspectsinthevillageandcityareurbanareasandtheentireregionisanimportanttouristregion[[المظاهرالعمرانيةوالاجتماعيةفيالقريةوالمدينةالمناطقالعمرانية،والمنطقةبأكملهامنالمناطقالسياحيّةالمهمة[[Urbanandsocialaspectsinthevillageandcityareurbanareasandtheentireregionisanimportanttouristregion[[المظاهرالعمرانيةوالاجتماعيةفيالقريةوالمدينةالمناطقالعمرانية،والمنطقةبأكملهامنالمناطقالسياحيّةالمهمة


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