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Qatar is located in the western coast of the Arabian Gulf, where it shares with its geographical borders with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Qatar is distinguished by its rapid architectural development in modern methods, and despite this it maintains the tourist and heritage places in it, and everyone who wants to visit Qatar must visit the most important tourist attractions .

The most important tourist places in Qatar

There are important tourist attractions that characterize the State of Qatar, as follows:

Standing market

It is one of the most famous markets that preserves its heritage in Qatar and the Arab Gulf states, and Souq Waqif is famous for its engineering and architectural heritage that preserved its original heritage, and it is the most important market for the internal market dedicated to clothing and fabrics for men, women and children, as well as the perfume market, foods, toys and perfumes, where a visitor can buy Whatever he wants, there are markets for birds and animals, and cafes and restaurants that cater to all international tastes are also installed in the market.

Islamic art museum

This museum was established in Doha, the capital that attracts many visitors annually, and the museum was opened on November 22, 2008, where the museum consists of a large courtyard and a main building consisting of five floors, including the roles designated for education, and galleries that display thousands The precious pieces are between the seventh and nineteenth centuries AD.

Doha Corniche

The Corniche stretches for a distance of seven kilometers on the beach of Doha, which enjoys beautiful and charming views of the Arabian Sea and its Gulf, and the Corniche is characterized by its green areas, which are an outlet and a suitable place for families, especially at times of summer.

Katara cultural district

The cultural district was named after Katara in relation to the old name that was used for Qatar according to what is recorded in history books. The cultural district includes open theater, internal theaters dedicated to opera, plays, cultural and literary gatherings, exhibition halls and scientific centers, and also includes Katara beach and various restaurants.

Al Zubara Castle

This castle is located a hundred kilometers west of Doha, and it is one of the archaeological sites that later turned into an archaeological museum. And thick.

Creek and Mesaieed

Al Khor and Al Masaid are considered places for adventure enthusiasts, as the two regions are known for sand dunes as well as the sea port, as they are suitable for setting up camps, housing and sand dunes, as well as flying and diving, as the area is fully equipped with all public safety means.

General information video about Qatar!

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