Report on tourism in Saudi Arabia and its most prominent features

المسافرون العرب

We review with you a report on tourism in Saudi Arabia, some tourism activities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia may be limited to religious tourism only, which Muslims go annually at the time of the Hajj to perform the rituals of Hajj and visit the Sacred House of God.
Despite the Kingdom’s distinction in religious tourism and being at the forefront of favorite places by Muslim tourists around the world, it is also evident that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has recently become one of the most prominent tourist destinations for different tourists in the world, and not only Muslims, because of its tourist places Heritage, civilizational, religious, recreational and cultural, …. And many other attractive tourist places that you will find in the following article, which deals with a topic on developing tourism in Saudi Arabia from the Arab Travelers website.

Report on tourism in Saudi Arabia

Tourism development in Saudi Arabia

Tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the rapidly growing economic activities with a noticeable increase in recent times, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has received increasing support from the government, which works to pay attention to tourism and implement comprehensive development processes in the tourism sector continuously, until it has become one of the main important axes in the vision Kingdom 2030.
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia recently, during last September, created tourist visas that allow all individuals from different countries of the world to visit the Kingdom throughout the year, and it also made it easier for them to make the issuance of these visas can be done electronically via the Internet, and the Kingdom also does not require the presence of a man accompanying with Visiting the woman or wearing the cloak, but with the need to adhere to and adhere to the system, public morals and moral rules prevailing in the country.
The Kingdom recently made huge financial investments to develop the tourism sector among many major tourism projects, and to modernize and develop the infrastructure of famous ancient sites, in addition to feeding the tourism sector with human resources and developing the tourism services sector and travel agencies, working to increase the number of hotel rooms equipped On the latest global systems to receive tourists, as it is vigorously seeking to increase and develop tourism activities and festive events present in various tourist sites.
Through all the above-mentioned efforts, the Kingdom seeks to be able to receive up to one hundred million annual tourist visits, to make the Kingdom one of the five most-visited countries around the world.
As a demonstration of the efforts of the Kingdom of Sudan to advance the tourism sector, the United Nations Organization for Science, Education and Culture announced in 2008 “Madain Saleh” a world heritage site, to be the first Saudi site to join the list of world heritage sites, so that the city of Diriyah will join the list in 2010 AD, in addition to each of The city of Jeddah, rock arts in the region of Hail, the Al-Ahsa oasis, and finally, Saudi Arabia was able to be the fourth tourist front in the world within the classification of the global index of tourism in the countries of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

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The most prominent tourist places in Saudi Arabia

Here is a bouquet of the most beautiful tourist places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which vary in nature between religious places, cultural heritage places, recreational places, places of charming green nature, global shopping centers … and many other things that we will show you in the following lines in detail.


  • The Sacred House of God is one of the most famous landmarks of religious tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is the place of high status and religious and sacred significance among Muslims, given that it is the site of the Hajj pilgrimage, the greatest religious reward for Muslims, who come to it in pursuit every year from various countries of the world in the hope To receive mercy and forgiveness from the Lord of the worlds.
  • Throughout the ages, the Grand Mosque Square has witnessed many expansions, to include the Holy Kaaba, the stone of our master Ismail, the shrine of our master Ibrahim, as well as the well of the Zamzam well, and the endeavor of Safa and Marwah. As for the construction of the Sacred Mosque of God, it has thirteen minarets and five main entrances , And many sub-doors, in addition to the prayer area and the circumambulation that can accommodate more than four million worshipers, to rise to four consecutive turns wrapped around the Kaaba, reaching an area of ​​approximately 800 m².

عن السياحة في السعودية وأبرز معالمها - Report on tourism in Saudi Arabia and its most prominent features

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Floating mosque

  • The Floating Mosque or the Mercy Floating Mosque, or the Mosque of Sayyida Fatima Al-Zahraa is one of the most famous religious tourism habitats in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as it is called the Floating Mosque.
  • The mosque acquires its extensive tourist reputation, which makes people come to visit it from various countries of the world from being the oldest mosque that is built on the surface of sea water, which was done in the mid-eighties of the last century.
  • Tourists also enjoy watching the unique and wonderful view of the mosque located in the heart of the Jeddah Sea, close to the Corniche, in addition to the picturesque architectural design of the mosque, where some lighting factors were added to its exterior design to give it a wonderful night view in the water.

1581261058 428 تقرير عن السياحة في السعودية وأبرز معالمها - Report on tourism in Saudi Arabia and its most prominent features

Coral Island

  • Al Marjan Island is one of the artificial islands located on the Corniche of Dammam, to be close to King Abdullah Park, which provides its visitors with a unique and wonderful location of family recreational tourism sites, where family members can practice swimming or fishing as well as surfing or sitting on a beach Sand to enjoy the fresh air and great water view.

1581261058 900 تقرير عن السياحة في السعودية وأبرز معالمها - Report on tourism in Saudi Arabia and its most prominent features

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Kingdom Tower

  • The Kingdom Tower is the most luxurious shopping center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which represents one of the newest and most famous landmarks of the Kingdom as it was built in 2002, with a distinctive architectural design and a huge façade to include many apartments, commercial stores, restaurants, in addition to a number of famous hotels such as Four Seasons Hotel.
  • The tower also includes the second mosque in the world in terms of height, which is the King Abdullah Al Saud Mosque, and tourists go to the tower to enjoy a full view of the city of Riyadh from a height of up to 300 meters, in addition to shopping and taking memorial photos.

1581261058 811 تقرير عن السياحة في السعودية وأبرز معالمها - Report on tourism in Saudi Arabia and its most prominent features

The eye village

  • The village of Dhi Ain is one of the most famous archaeological heritage monuments located within the territory of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which dates back to the tenth century AH, that is, nearly four centuries, and it is a stone village built on Ein Water above a high mountain.
  • And tourists go to visit them to enjoy the distinctive engineering and architectural design of their buildings and heritage homes, which have been built on what is known as the roofed or Madamek made of Sidr wood.
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently seeking to include the village of Dhi Al-Ain to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

1581261058 869 تقرير عن السياحة في السعودية وأبرز معالمها - Report on tourism in Saudi Arabia and its most prominent features

King Fahad’s fountain

  • The King Fahd Fountain represents one of the most famous tourist attractions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which was classified as the longest and largest fountain around the world, which is located in the heart of the city of Jeddah, and its height ranges between 18-312 m tons of sea water, and there are lighting lamps that illuminate At night to make you see it from anywhere in the city.

1581261058 681 تقرير عن السياحة في السعودية وأبرز معالمها - Report on tourism in Saudi Arabia and its most prominent features

Raghadan Forest

  • Raghadan Forest is one of the most beautiful natural sites that allow its visitors, especially families and children, to enjoy the charming green nature, especially since the place is fully equipped to receive visitors from families and young people, in addition to the presence of a number of tents that were equipped for youth gatherings.
  • Raghadan Forest is located at the top of a mountain peak located at the entrance to the Saudi city of Al-Baha, which makes it an excellent location for practicing safari or walking through greenery, as well as holding barbecue parties, and eating in the charming green nature.
  • There is also a small seasonal zoo in the forest, which children can visit for a small fee, in addition to many recreational activities that take place inside the park throughout the summer period.

1581261058 825 تقرير عن السياحة في السعودية وأبرز معالمها - Report on tourism in Saudi Arabia and its most prominent features

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