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Tourism in Spain

Spain is one of the most important tourist destinations in the world for the diversity of tourist attractions in it and because it is the second country in the world to own the most important heritage cities and the third in terms of the presence of natural areas declared as natural reserves in addition to being among the regions and countries affiliated to the blue flag beaches in Europe and other global continents, and among the most important The factors that make Spain a preferred destination for tourism worldwide include:

  • prices drop.
  • The sunny nature of the country and the beach atmosphere on its coasts.
  • The nature of its cities desirable to people such as (Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Valencia, Seville, and Malaga) for the cultural diversity that these cities abound.
  • Great cultural diversity.
  • Possessing the best beaches in Europe.
  • Possessing the greatest ancient monuments such as the Roman Castle of Segovia.
  • Considered the best country in the world to practice cycling hobby.
  • Excellence in the nature of popular cuisine.

Information and facts about Spain

Below we mention the most important information related to Spain from several aspects:

  • Spain is located on the shores of Western Europe, near Portugal, France and Andorra.
  • It owns a longitudinal coastline on the shores of the Mediterranean in the east and south.
  • The Pyrenees are located on the border with France.
  • Madrid is the capital of Spain.
  • The euro is the currency of Spain.
  • Castilian Spanish is the official language in Spain.
  • Most residents of Spain convert to Catholic Christianity.
  • Tomato warfare is practiced as an annual tradition held near the city of Valencia.

Flag of Spain

The colors of the flag of any country in the world have historical connotations that may extend for decades, and Spain, like other countries, has a flag with colors and symbols with indications starting from the lion that symbolizes the Roman Legion in the first century AD and the golden cover with the four red ribs and symbolizes the Aragonese Kingdom and the modern era of Catalonia and the crown symbolizes Loyalty to the monarchy in the modern Spanish era.


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