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the moldive Islands

The Maldives consists of a group of islands, which number 1192, and these islands are located in western Sri Lanka to India, and the Pacific Ocean surrounds these islands, and the Maldives attracts millions of tourists every year to listen to the sun, the beaches, or spend a month Honey, for hobbies such as surfing, diving and seeing coral reefs.

In the Maldives there are many marine resorts that receive tourists throughout the year, and provide all services with comfort and excellence, as well as providing the most delicious distinctive food dishes, and organizing internal trips in all the Maldives, accompanied by a supervisor for the trip to get to know the Maldives more.

Tourist places in Maldives

Great Friday Mosque

It is one of the largest mosques, and it is called the Sultan Muhammad Takfrano Al-Azzam Mosque, and tourists come to visit it from different parts of the world; It accommodates 500 worshipers in one go, and there are also graves for members of the royal family in the mosque.

Manta Point

It is one of the smallest islands in the Maldives, so you can take a full tour, visit all of its regions within 15 minutes, and it is characterized by diving activities that take place, and visitors can see the Manta Rise through the water, and it is preferred to visit this island in the month of June or November, where they can At this time, watch and touch Manta Rise.


It is the most important and most beautiful of the Maldives, and it is the capital of the Maldives, so tourists find it from crowded islands, full of motorcycles, cars, and many sellers, and many high-rise buildings of beautiful colors and bright, and tourists can visit the industrial beach when visiting Maya, it is one of the sites that You should not miss his visit, shopping in the financial markets, and visiting many restaurants for the most delicious dishes.

Lahaviani Atoll

It is also called atoll and Vadbulhu Island, and tourists can visit to enjoy the white beaches, see many types of fish, and go diving in many of the island’s sites.


It is the most island in the Maldives that attracts tourists, so it is considered one of the fertile islands, and there are many varied fruit farms, and vegetables that can be eaten fresh from the trees, but tourists can visit them only after obtaining a permit to enter them from one of the resorts that they will perform, preferably to visit In the month of December to hear the picturesque nature.


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