Violet Makkah Al Mukarramah Hotel is considered one of the best cheap hotels in Makkah that offers a group of the best services with high quality, and it provides its visitors with comfortable accommodation in rooms and suites with great views of the city.

To learn about the most important advantages and services of the Violet Hotel Makkah, which ranked among the cheapest hotels in Mecca and the best price offers, you can follow our report.

Its most important features Violet Makkah Hotel

Violet Hotel in Makkah provides a comfortable stay for visitors through a range of rooms and suites decorated in modern décor with charming views of the city designed with soundproofing and anti-allergens, there are non-smoking rooms and family rooms.

Violet Hotel offers a range of health and relaxation facilities, such as a year-round indoor pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and children’s playroom.

Violet Hotel Makkah Al-Mukarramah also provides a set of free services, including room service, free Wi-Fi, and you can park your cars in the hotel’s private park without any additional expenses.

Dining options

Violet Hotel Makkah provides one restaurant serving a range of delicious international dishes as a buffet.

Available rooms At the Violet Makkah Hotel

King room with city view, 23 square meters.

Twin room with city view, 23 square meters.

Triple room with city view, 24 sq m.

Quadruple room with city view area of ​​25 square meters.

Junior suite with city view 40 sq.m.

Suite of 3 rooms with city view area of ​​69 square meters.

Family suite with city view area of ​​67 square meters.

Family room with city view, 48 square meters.

Family studio with city view 38 sq.m.

Deluxe Suite with City View 71 sq.m.

AidMecca Violet Hotel

Prices per night for a standard room at Violet Makkah Al Azizia Hotel range from 33 to 94 USD. Prices may vary according to the tourist seasons and room types.

When you search for Mecca hotel prices, you will find Violet Makkah among the cheapest.

Summary of Arab visitor ratings

The Violet Hotel Makkah Al Mukarramah is rated very good in terms of cleanliness, comfort, quiet, value for money, and services.

Visitors also considered that the hotel has the best hotel apartments in Mecca

Hotel reservation
Violet Makkah Hotel has many accommodations, including rooms, suites and studios.
Violet Makkah Hotel owns indoor pools for children.
Violet Makkah includes a restaurant serving international cuisine.
Violet Makkah Hotel includes a games room for children.

Location Violet Makkah Hotel

The hotel is located in the Makkah region in the Aziziyah neighborhood, and is 8.3 km from Abraj Al-Bait, 7.1 km from Makkah Mall, and 111 km from King Abdulaziz International Airport.

Perhaps the most important question that comes to your minds is the Violet Makkah Hotel. How far is it from the Haram?

Violet Hotel in Makkah is 6.1 km from Al-Haram Mosque, which is only 8 minutes away by car.

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Hotel reservation

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What makes the Violet Hotel Makkah the best choice?

Unique location in the upscale neighborhood of Azizia, various accommodation options, exclusive facilities like swimming pools and children’s playgrounds, budget prices.

What are the disadvantages of the Violet Makkah Hotel that you should be aware of?

Among the negatives that Arab guests mentioned in their hotel reviews: lack of parking, delay in response to some requests, especially from room service.

Is there a pool in violet makkah?

Yes, there are two swimming pools in the hotel, one of them for children.

How much does it cost to stay in violet hotel makkah for one night?

The cost of staying at the Violet Hotel Makkah Al Azizia ranges between 40 USD and 60 USD for the standard room, depending on the period of the year.

Is breakfast at the Violet Hotel in Makkah included in the price of stay?

Breakfast is included in the price of the stay, according to the reservation type. This is clearly stated in the reservation details.

Is the breakfast good or bad at the Violet Makkah?

Most of the Arab guests hailed the breakfast served by the Violet Makkah Hotel

Is Violet Makkah suitable for Arab families?

Violet Hotel Makkah is suitable for Gulf families and Arab families in general, as it offers a kids club – family rooms – family suite – children’s pool.

What is the best way to get to the Violet Makkah Azizia Hotel from the airport quickly?

The hotel can be reached from Taif Regional Airport directly via Track 15 in an hour and 24 minutes.

What is the dining experience at Violet Hotel in Mecca?

The hotel has one restaurant serving international cuisine.

Are there good restaurants close to Makkah Violet Hotel?

The Violet Makkah Hotel is close to several Arab restaurants, among them, South Azizia Restaurant, and the Algerian Taste Restaurant, which are good restaurants according to Arab reviews.

What sightseeing activities can be done near the Violet Makkah?

Near the Violet Hotel Makkah, there are a number of attractions, the most important of which are Abraj Al-Bait Towers, Zamzam Well, Al-Haram Al-Makki, Ghar Hira and Mecca Mall.

Violet Hotel Makkah How far is it from the Haram? How far is it from the tourist areas in Mecca?

Violet Hotel is 8 minutes away from the Haram by car, and Abraj Al-Bait Mall and Makkah Mall are 10 minutes away, while Hira Ghar is 20 minutes away.

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