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The island of Rhodes is located in Greece in a patch on the surface of the Mediterranean Sea, and close to it lies the southern Turkish coast in the middle of the separation between Cyprus and the main islands of Greece. They embrace the Islamic religion, and away from Turkey from the western side about eighteen kilometers.

Name of Rhodes

It was named after Rhodes in reference to the famous statue of Rhodes, which was one of the seven wonders of the world. In the year 280 BC it was made of bronze, and currently it does not exist but was sold in the form of metal pieces. An arch and crossbow, and there is a distance between his feet until ships and water boats pass through it, and its height reaches nearly fifty meters.

The most important landmarks of Rhodes

Rhodes has a group of places and landmarks that made it an ancient tourist place, the most important of which are the following:

  • St. Paul’s Bay: Despite its smallness, it is one of its most beautiful features, and its waters are characterized by purity and serenity, and the accounts say that St. Paul sailed around it when lightning struck the land, thus forming a bay, and includes a church that was established to celebrate the memory of the saint in it, and it is often advised to visit it in the morning to see the beauty of the sunrise, and in it Two restaurants work to provide different food meals at reasonable prices, and it is the most suitable place to go diving and complete by watching the caves in the depths of the Gulf.
  • Rhodes Old Town: It is one of the oldest inhabited global cities to the present time, so that it dates back to the European Middle Ages, and includes a series of restaurants and cafes in addition to shops that bustle vendors and customers, and also includes a group of ancient monuments that belong to the Crusaders like fortresses, which were used to repel enemy attacks, as there is a street An old called the Knights Street, which still maintains its solidity and strength, and it contains a group of temples and archaeological museums.
  • Panagia Church: Or as it is called the Church of the Virgin, which is located in the ancient city of Lindos, and the viewer from outside is expected to be very small, but the interior of it is surprised by its greatness that it forms a separate world, so that drawings, murals, and decorations are spread on its walls, and it dates back to the year 1300 AD and completes every period of work Restoration and repair to maintain.
  • Lindos Village: One of the most beautiful and quiet villages, so its visitors consider it a place to escape the crowds and noise, so that it is located on the beach, and there are restaurants and cafes.

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