One of the first reasons that Riyadh is very famous in the world is the luxury markets and malls of Riyadh, as it is one of the most famous major shopping destinations in the Arab world and the world. And in this tour guide we offer you the most luxurious malls that offer the most famous and prestigious brands in the city, these malls It is the perfect place if you want to spoil yourself a little with some luxury shopping, or stroll and spend time in the mall facilities such as amusement parks, cafes, restaurants or games.

A comprehensive guide to luxury Riyadh markets and malls

Al Nakheel Mall Riyadh

The Palm Mall is one of the finest luxury markets and malls in Riyadh, where pioneers from all over the world come to it because of its popularity in
The city, and the most important reason is that it contains branches for all the luxury international brands such as Furla and Fred Perry
Beverly Hills and many more. There are many dining options in the mall where you can try French, Turkish and German food and many more in
Various types of restaurants and cafes. The fountains scattered in the mall make it a very nice and nice environment and place
Great for shopping. The mall includes more than two hundred prestigious shops throughout it so that you have various options for shopping.Al Nakheel Mall RiyadhAl Nakheel Mall RiyadhAl Nakheel Mall RiyadhAl Nakheel Mall Riyadh Read also: Cheap Riyadh malls and markets

Granada Mall

Granada Mall is a large shopping center and it has many options and a large variety of large brands stores, it also contains a hypermarket or what is known as Carrefour and there is a children’s play area with a large seating area open for families and illuminated very beautifully through the glass facades. The mall includes a group of large exhibitions specialized in certain things, the most famous of which is the Home Accessories Gallery
And the exhibition of electronic devices.Granada MallGranada MallGranada MallGranada Mall

Riyadh Gallery Riyadh Gallery

Riyadh Gallery is one of the largest markets and luxury malls in Riyadh and it is composed of three floors and is located at the intersection of three main roads in Riyadh; they are King Fahd Road and Imam Saud Street and Olaya Street. Riyadh Gallery Mall is famous for the large industrial lake that contains fountains Small, which is located in the very center of the mall, surrounded by international cafes and restaurants, so that you sit quietly in a sophisticated place and see wonderful views, and there is a special area for children as well. In Riyadh Gallery you can find many brands stores such as Zara and H&M, Paul & Bear and many more in addition For local shops that also sell the finest products, they are located on the top floor and there is a hypermarket on the first floor.Riyadh Gallery Riyadh GalleryRiyadh Gallery Riyadh GalleryRiyadh Gallery Riyadh GalleryRiyadh Gallery Riyadh Gallery

Hayat Mall

Hayat Mall is located on King Abdul Aziz Road in Riyadh, and as soon as you enter it you will find that the general atmosphere of the mall combines comfort, pleasure and the joy of shopping; all at the same time. Mall pioneers can shop between a very large variety of global famous brand brands. It is home to more than four hundred stores spread over two floors and it is always full with people because it is located in the main shopping area in Riyadh, which witnesses a large commercial and architectural activity. The mall is distinguished for its full range of recreational facilities such as restaurants, children’s playrooms and parks.Hayat MallHayat MallHayat MallHayat Mall

Sahara Mall Riyadh

Sahara Mall is one of the largest malls and shopping centers in Riyadh, it is one of the prominent landmarks in the city that no taxi driver does not know, and it is located on King Abdul Aziz Road and Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Road. Sahara Mall contains more than a hundred And eighty shops in addition to additional accessories and facilities are very huge, for example, but not limited to, there are Sahara Plaza, which is almost comparable to the mall in size and is considered the largest food selling center in the city.Sahara Mall RiyadhSahara Mall RiyadhSahara Mall RiyadhSahara Mall Riyadh

Al Qarawi Mall

Al-Qarawi Mall is one of the most luxurious malls in Riyadh. All the most famous international brands are very luxurious, but most luxurious at all. You will find all of them in Al-Qaraawi Mall, including Dolce & Gabbana, Dior, Alviero Martini and many others. Sports, children’s clothing and accessories
And glasses, perfumes and everything that comes to your mind. Discounts are held at the mall throughout the year and it is a great opportunity to use them to get excellent purchase deals. Al-Karawi Mall is located on
Al-Orouba Road in Rahmaniyah, Riyadh, and is characterized by its unique design, which you will know at first sight, and you should not miss its visit.Al Qarawi MallAl Qarawi MallAl Qarawi MallAl Qarawi Mall

Panorama Mall

Panorama Mall is located in Al-Mather Al-Shamali in Riyadh, and it is one of the luxury commercial centers that includes the largest number of famous brand shops in the world. Although Panorama Mall is not the largest in size compared to other Riyadh malls, it is one of the finest markets and malls in Riyadh
Luxurious in which you will enjoy an unparalleled shopping experience.The mall contains a large restaurant complex with a variety of high-end restaurants in addition to a large park and a group of amusements
Fun for children.Panorama MallPanorama MallPanorama MallPanorama Mall

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