Ensure that you will enjoy a great day in the city of Roermond, the Netherlands and the surrounding villages, as it is a very special and picturesque town.
The municipality or city is perfect for couples wanting a romantic getaway,
Also suitable for families and families who want an unconventional holiday full of fun and strengthening relationships.
Whether you or your family members prefer shopping, exploring the city, or attending cultural, fun, and fun activities;
The city of Roermond Netherlands is the perfect one for you.

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The best things to do in Roermond Netherlands

Boat Trips

The city of Roermond is full of picturesque, long channels of water, in which wonderful boat rides are held, and as soon as you try one trip, you will want to repeat it over and over again and you will never tire of it.
These boat rides are a favorite for couples and are perfect for spending a romantic and peaceful time with the person you love.
It is also great for the family as they enjoy a lot together on one of these tours and spend a great time.Boat TripsBoat Trips Read also: The most important tourist cities in the Netherlands .. The surprising country, which is almost free from any defect

Water sports

There is a popular water sports area near the city of Roermond called Masplasen, and it contains several beautiful lakes and is well worth a visit in the summer season in particular.
Masplasn is now the largest recreational water sports area in the country with all kinds of amazing water activities taking place;
Including sailing, surfing, water skiing, swimming and lots of exciting activities.
There are also many popular beaches in the city that accompany restaurants, cafes, etc., and there are some places where fishing is permitted without the need for a fishing permit. Water sports
Water sports

Visit the National Park De Meinweg

The De Minweig National Park is one of the most magnificent places in Roermond, full of scenic virgin landscapes;
The park was formed ten thousand years ago by the Maas River and has corrosive factors and transformations within the Earth's crust.
The National Park is located east of Roermond and is part of the German-Dutch Border Park with an area of ​​about 1,800 hectares.National Park De MeinwegNational Park De Meinweg

See the Cuypershuis Museum

In this contemporary museum you will find that the whole focus is on the works of the architect Pierre Koepers and he has many artistic and creative works in which he spent a lot of his time for his country;
Among these works are the Regusmuseum and Amsterdam Central Station, and there are works in other countries, for example Germany, where he designed the Mainz Cathedral.
All the works of this architect are inspired by his creative passion and at the Kuebershuis Museum you will find all his designs and works that will amaze him completely.Cuypershuis MuseumCuypershuis Museum Read also: Recreational tourist places in Amsterdam for the perfect vacation with your family

Playing Golf

One of the best things you can do in Roermond is to play golf at the BurgGolf Herkenbosch, which borders the De Mienweig National Park.
This area where the stadium is located is rich in diverse landscapes and beautiful forests.
This stadium is considered one of the best forest golf courses in the Netherlands and guests, members, golfers and non-players alike are welcome on any day of the week and at any time.
The stadium is located near Roermond, just five minutes from the motorway.Playing GolfPlaying Golf

Visit the Musterkerk Church

This impressive Romen church dates back to the beginning of the thirteenth century and is one of the most prominent examples of this type of church architecture in the Netherlands.
The church was originally built as part of a nunnery and what you see now is the rest of the building.
In the mid-nineteenth century the church was extensively restored by the famous architect Pierre Koepers, and his changes were controversial because he radically changed the church but preserved its outward appearance.
The church was badly damaged after a major earthquake in 1992, and then it was restored again according to the model of Pierre Koepers.
Then a beautifully decorated booth was built outside the church and belongs to the church and is considered a monument.
Visiting this church will make you see wonderful stories of history in every corner and corner of it, and you will love its architectural style and its distinctive decorations.Musterkerk ChurchMusterkerk Church

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