Romen antiquities in Algeria

المسافرون العرب

Romen antiquities in Algeria

Algeria is a great country in which there is beauty overwhelming other countries and states, and it does not depend on beauty alone, but also includes many historical monuments that are distinguished by its containment, here are the Romen ruins decorating large areas in many cities of Algeria, we mention here one Among the most important two cities are full of monuments dating back to the Romen period, Timgad, where UNESCO has included it in the list of World Heritage in Algeria, and the city of Tipasa.

The most important Romen ruins in Timgad

Timgad is located in the east of Algeria in the Aures region, specifically 36 km from the capital of Batna, and this city was built during the reign of Emperor Trajan in the year one hundred AD, with the aim of repelling the attacks of the residents of the Aures region. As follows:

  • The Romens constructed a large wall to surround the city of Temgad for the purpose of protection.
  • The Romens constructed the Capitol building in Timgad, with facilities that are still very clear, such as the public square known as the Forum, which is surrounded by the Emperor Temple and the Municipal Council, and the Palace of Justice, in addition to all of the shops and the public market.
  • The Romens established a theater in the city to hold festivals and various events that were traditionally celebrated at that time.
  • The Romens established a public library, which is the second world library at the time.
  • The Romens created the Trajan Arch to perpetuate the “Trajan” victories, and it is distinguished for its striking beauty and elegance.

The most important Romen ruins in the city of Tipasa

The city of Tipaza, in French “Tipaza”, which is one of the cities of Algeria located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, where it is 75 km 2 west of the city of Algeria, and the word “Tipaza” means in the Phoenician language the passage as it was a road for people between the city of “Aiol Churchill” and the city of “ The eczim of Algeria ”, then it became known as“ Carthage ”, and a colony was discovered in Tipasa dating back to the fifth century B.C. During the reign of Emperor Claudius.

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The most famous of these is the Romen Temple of Tipasa, where the Romen city of Tipasa was built on small hills facing each other, overlooking the sea, and its number is three, where residential houses were built on the central hill, but there are no monuments left in the present day, while there are The remains of the three churches are: the Iskander Basilica on the western hill, the Saint Salsa Basilica located on the eastern hill, the Great Basilica.

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Video ceremony you will not want to attend!

Hear a lot about Romen civilization and its tumultuous celebrations? Do you wish you lived in their time? Maybe you will change your mind after watching this video:

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