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Romen Antiquities in Egypt

The Egyptian Republic is considered one of the most archaeological countries in the world, as several civilizations passed through it through its long history, and each of them left traces that are still witnesses of their achievements, to remain blatant for us for thousands of years, its stones tell us about its place and ancient sciences, and even its special achievements in the field of irrigation and medicine And astronomy.

The Romens concentrated in the city of Alexandria and built their civilization there, and despite their expansion in the Egyptian interior, most of their remains are found in this city. In spite of the large number of Romen ruins in Egypt, I will cite the most important of them, distributed in all provinces.

Romen ruins in the city of Cairo

There is only one trace in the city of Cairo for the Romens, due to the fact that they ruled in the city of Alexandria only, and this trace is:
  • Babylon Fortress: It is called the Romen fortress, and the fort was built in order to protect the Romens militarily, so that it is their first line of defense in the eastern Egyptian gate, and they built it in the center of the country between the naval and tribal sides of the state, in order to tighten control of any rebel movements or revolutions that may take place Against them, it is also known as the Babylon Fortress, or the Palace of Wax. Its area is estimated at half a square kilometer, and within it there are six Coptic Churches, in addition to a Coptic monastery and museum.

Romen ruins in the city of Alexandria

Alexandria was the official capital of Egypt during the days of Romen rule, and thus most of the Romen ruins are present in it, namely:

  • Mast mast: It is the only surviving to this day of the Serapeum temple built by Postumus, and dates back to the third century AD.
  • Romen Theater: It is located in the Kom Al-Dikka region, and dates back to the fourth century AD. It is a horseshoe-shaped amphitheater, and it consists of thirteen marble rows and numbered in Greek writing, and in the middle is a region called the orchestra, where concerts and music are performed.
  • Romen Baths: Some are located in the area of ​​Kom El Dekka, while others are in the eastern region known as Abu Qir.
  • Temple of Black Head: It is a small sized structure, located on a raised ground spot, with four columns.
  • Kayseron Temple: Its construction dates back to Queen Cleopatra VII, and she named Mark Antony, and there were old obelisks in it, one of which is now in London, and the second is in New York City.
  • Cemetery of Kom el Shoqafa: It is located in the western cemetery, and dates back to the second century AD, and this Greek cemetery is the largest that was found in the city of Alexandria.

Romen ruins in the city of Aswan

There are many Romen ruins in this city, most of which are special temples to the gods, including:

  • Philae Temple: It was built by the Romens and Ptolemies, in order to worship their deities Isis, which is made up of Nectatepo Hall.
  • Kalabsha Temple: It was built by Emperor Agujustus, and it was specific to the Nubian Mandulis, but it was also used to worship the god Osiris and his wife Isis.
  • Dandara Temple: It is one of the largest temples in the area, and returns, and it contains several booths and a sacred lake, as well as a special booth for boats, and has a sanatorium.

Romen ruins in the city of Minya

There are many Romen ruins found in this city:

  • Hermopolis: It is the center of the cult of the god Hermes.
  • Petrusris Cemetery: In addition to the cemetery there is a small size temple, which contains sculptures of traditional agricultural works.
  • Mountain tuna: It is an area where the tombs of the ibis birds and their eggs, as well as the baboon, are among the animals considered sacred to the god Thoth, and the mummification works were performed in the past.

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