Rome monuments

المسافرون العرب


The city of Rome is considered one of the most important inhabited historical cities to this day. Therefore, it has been called the Eternal City, in which there are many archaeological monuments, which are considered one of the valuable and priceless treasures, in which there are some of the churches that dazzle, and from the palaces what fascinates, and from the fountains that delight In addition to countless numbers of amazing statues and antiques.

The most important monuments found in Rome

Romen square

This field is located in a small valley, between the Platine hills and the Capitoline hills. In the past, it was a place where people gathered, where speeches were given, and marches gathered, in addition to being an important commercial center, in which to this day the arches of Septimius Severus, and the arches of Titus, remain. In addition to the presence of the Temple of Pius Antonios, the Temple of Faustina, as well as the Temple of Saturn.

Spanish stairs

The shape of these stairs is represented by a road, consisting of one hundred and thirty-five degrees, and the date of its establishment dates back to the year one thousand seven hundred and twenty one AD, and the year one thousand seven hundred and twenty five AD, and its financing was by France, in order to link between the Bourbon Spain in the Vatican, With the French Church of Trinita de Monte.

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Trevi Fountain

This fountain is the largest of the Baroque fountains, established in the year one thousand seven hundred and sixty two AD, designed by engineer Nicolas Salvi, and in this fountain a sculpture of the sea god Neptune, which is surrounded by two Triton and is according to one of the Berber accounts of Ibn Neptune.
It was a station for the delivery of water through the Aqua Virgo canal, which was built in the nineteenth century BC, and according to one legend it is said that whoever throws a coin in this fountain must return to Rome one day.

Vatican Museums

It is a group of museums located in the center of the Vatican City, dating back to the sixth century AD by Pope Paulus, which includes stairways with a spiral shape, and Raphael’s rooms, and also the Sistine Chapel, and it is worth noting that one of the works of the international painter Michael Angelo painted him to the roof of the church, and that was Between the years one thousand five hundred and eight AD, one thousand five hundred and twelve AD.

The Pantheon

It is the most archaeological Romen building still preserved in its proper form, and it was built in the year one hundred and twenty-six AD, to be a temple for all the ancient Romen deities at that time, but in the seventeenth century it turned into a Romen Catholic Church, which is made up of a large portico shaped in a circular manner. It contains three huge granite columns, and its concrete dome, which has existed for two thousand years, is considered the largest in the world.

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St. Peter’s Church

It is considered the most important Christian church in the world, due to its containment of the shrine of St. Peter, it is a very large cathedral, the height of the interior is about one hundred and twenty meters, and its dome was painted by the artist Michael Angelo, and there is a statue of Saint Peter with a large size designed by Bernini.


Also known as the Flavian Amphitheater, which is a giant amphitheater belonging to the Romens, located in the heart of the city of Rome, and it accommodates about fifty thousand viewers, and in it an ancient square that was used in the wrestlers’ matches, known as the Gladiators, in addition to some public competitions, was built in the year seventy-two AD, During the rule of the country by Emperor Vespasian.

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