Royal Air Maroc: A detailed report on Air Maroc

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Royal Air Maroc and its symbol (AT) are the official air carrier of the Kingdom of Morocco and one of the leading Arab and African companies in the field of aviation since 1957, and a member of the Arab Air Transport Association since 1974.
The headquarters of the Moroccan Air Company are located in Casablanca and owns many local travel agencies around the world, while its main operations are started from Mohamed V International Airport through an advanced modern fleet of 59 passenger planes, one of which is used to ship goods.
To find out about the benefits and services provided by RAM, and the most important common questions about its dealings with its customers, you can follow the article.

Royal Air Maroc A detailed report on Air Maroc - Royal Air Maroc: A detailed report on Air Maroc

Characteristics of the Royal Moroccan Airlines

Moroccan Air enjoys a set of advantages that admire and satisfy its customers about the level of its services, such as:
• Ease of booking tickets through the company’s website, with a quick way to get a ticket and finish travel procedures electronically.
• A state-of-the-art modern fleet of aircraft undergoing regular maintenance, with highly trained flight and hospitality crew to ensure the safety, safety and comfort of passengers on RAM.
• Comfortable seating, amenities and varied meals prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients with complimentary welcome drinks and special diet menus.
• Various entertainment content for adults and children, and modern electronic devices to follow.
Special care for children in terms of meals and entertainment, while providing care and medical needs for patients and people with special needs through a special team trained to deal in emergency matters.
• Elegant private lounges to host senior visitors, priority check-in and arrival, and private offices to finalize their travel procedures, with a unique loyalty and promotion program for permanent customers.
• Attention to communicating with and serving customers even after their flights end on Royal Air Maroc aircraft.

Onboard services

On its aircraft, RAM provides a series of essential and recreational services through which it seeks to gain the comfort, confidence and satisfaction of its customers, such as:

the food

Royal Air Maroc provides short-to medium-haul travelers for less than two hours hot snacks and appetizers with hot drinks throughout the trip, such as tea and Arab and American coffee.
As for travelers for long trips more than two hours, they are presented with appetizers, followed by a main hot dish that is chosen between two types of available food, with a selection of cheeses, baked goods, pastries, fresh and dried fruits and desserts, as well as a choice between 3 items available in addition to Hot drinks such as tea, coffee, juices and aids for digestion.
Meals are served on Moroccan Airlines flights on pure porcelain vases with stylized display methods by professional chefs, with special menu menus prepared for health and religious dieters.


Royal Air Maroc offers video-on-demand services to entertain its travelers through 45 cinematic and television content, such as programs, films and modern and classic documentary content, in addition to 150 audio content such as hymns of the Noble Qur’an, musical compositions, and local Arab and international lyric from the oldest to the latest releases.
With its own booth an integrated entertainment area for infants up to 12 years old, with healthy special meals ideal for children.
Finally, a selection of national, Arab and foreign newspapers and magazines and a short film about the Kingdom and its most famous tourist attractions and airlines on the screens of the major cabins.


Royal Air Maroc booths include comfortable leather seats, pillows and blankets, a massage device, a charging socket for portable electronic devices and a USB connection, main screens in each cabin and other personal behind each seat with noise-free headphones, a bag for keeping personal tools, porcelain tableware .

the shopping

Sky Ram is published every month by RAM, in 3 major languages, which are Arabic, English, and French, and it is presented to passengers so that they are aware of the most important and best duty-free goods available in free markets.

Class of travel on Moroccan Airlines

Royal Air Maroc offers two classes for traveling on its flights:

Business class / Distinguished / Flyer members / diplomats

This degree is provided to its passengers:
فسي The spacious compartment with fully comfortable and elegant leather seats that relaxes and sleeps, and is fitted with a blanket, pillows, and self-relaxing massages.
✓ Provides a portfolio with an authentic Moroccan touch that combines personal care gadgets for those on long trips.
شه Miscellaneous delicacies prepared with fresh seasonal ingredients according to the duration of the trip, with welcome drinks and snacks throughout the trip, and special meals for patients and dieters.
ترفيه Various entertainment and documentary contents suitable for all ages and tastes, with the company’s plane magazine and other newspapers and magazines.
✓ The priority of check-in, the priority of boarding and entering the executive hall at Mohamed V International Airport in Morocco, where you can rest and relax and follow the latest global news and start your work through computers and free internet services available, while your children have fun in their games area.

Economy / Economy Class

This degree is offered to its travelers:
✓ Comfortable seats with blanket, cushion, extra legroom and personal screens to monitor the varied entertainment content, with the magazine published by Moroccan Airlines and other national newspapers.
✓ Various delicious meals served according to the duration of the trip, with welcome drinks and appetizers to be served throughout the trip and special meals for patients and dieters.

Air Moroccan Airlines destinations

The Royal Air Maroc provides flights to 94 destinations in more than 50 countries around the world, the most important of which are in the Middle East:
Flights from / to Casablanca
Flights by Air Moroccan to / from Cairo
Moroccan Airlines flights to / from Abu Dhabi
Royal Moroccan Airlines flights to / from Riyadh
Moroccan Airlines flights to / from Amman Jordan
Flights Moroccan Airlines from / to Muscat
Moroccan Airlines flights to / from Tunis
Royal Moroccan Airlines flights to / from Beirut
Flights from / to Kuwait City

Royal Air Maroc and baggage policy

The weight of the free baggage registered on Moroccan Airline flights varies according to the classes and destinations as follows:

Tours between Morocco and Europe

The Economy / Economy class passenger is allowed to carry one piece of luggage with a weight of 23 kg and a total dimensions of 158 cm, and two pieces of a weight of 23 kg for each piece for the Business Class traveler with one additional piece of the same weight for flyer members.

Flights between the United States, Brazil, Canada, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Oman, Lebanon, and Turkey

The economy class traveler is allowed to carry two pieces of luggage with a weight of 23 kg and a total dimensions of 158 cm per piece, and 3 pieces of the same weight and dimensions for business class travelers with one additional piece for flyer members.

Flights to Qatar

Economy class passengers are permitted to carry two pieces of luggage of 23 kg each with an additional piece of the same weight for flyer members.
Premium passengers are permitted to carry two pieces of luggage of 32 kg each with an additional piece of the same weight for flyer members.

For passengers of Moroccan airlines for the rest of the destinations

They are allowed to carry one piece of luggage with a weight of 23 kg in economy class, two pieces of the same weight for each piece in the privileged class with an additional piece of 23 kg for members of the Flyer program.
Fee for luggage in excess of the permissible limits for each class and destination is on Royal Moroccan Airlines, determined by the type of flight, local or international, destination and type of overtaking (weight, dimensions, or number of pieces of luggage).
It is also allowed to carry one handbag on the cabin of the plane with a size of 10 kg and a total dimensions of 115 cm, without calculating the computer, tablet or mobile phone within this weight.
Baby formula and prescription drugs, including liquid, cosmetic and personal care products, are allowed to be carried with a capacity of not more than 350 mm, and into Zip Lock plastic bags.
Note that weights may vary from time to time, in which case the company will clarify the weights permitted for the passenger to the extent of his travel during the reservation.

Moroccan Airlines and ticket reservation

You can book Royal Air Maroc flight tickets for different destinations and manage your reservation by choosing the seat, meal and people traveling with you on the same reservation and take advantage of the traveler program miles or the best promotional offers by browsing and following the official website of the company.
You can also manage your transit trips, rent a private car, make a hotel reservation, or request a taxi to move to and from the airport and the cities of the country you traveled to between 9,500 destinations worldwide registered on the site.

The completion of travel procedures through Moroccan airlines

You can finish your travel procedures quickly and easily from anywhere on the website of the Moroccan Airline 48 hours to two hours before your flight, which saves you more time and effort when in front of your windows. Log in at the airport.
You must be present at the airline’s login office with your passport, e-travel card, flyer card or reference reservation number two to 3 hours before your flight, with no additional hours added during peak times, knowing that the office closes its doors before An hour after the flight.

Summary of customer reviews

Royal Air Maroc was rated 3/5 on Tripadvisor to book and evaluate flights, according to the comment of 3,633 people who had previously traveled on its flights.

common questions

During this section, we answer the most important questions that concern you when dealing with the Royal Moroccan Airlines, which were not answered through the article, such as:

When can I buy my tickets on Royal Air Maroc flights?

You can buy your ticket on Royal Airline until the same day of the flight, either on the website of the company or one of its local agents.

How can I pay for my ticket on Moroccan Airlines flights?

The website of Moroccan Airways accepts the payment of tickets by credit cards in the local or foreign currency, and the payment in cash is made through the offices of the local agents in the country of departure.

How can I get my tickets when I buy them online?

When completing and confirming the reservation and purchase procedures, an email containing the request contains the travel ticket, which is printed at home to complete the procedures at the airport.

How can I amend reservation information?

You can do this at any time through the site’s reservation management link and by using the name and reservation number, or by referring to the company’s call center or the local agent’s office in the country of departure if the ticket pricing permits it.

How can I cancel my flight on Royal Air Maroc?

If the ticket pricing permits this, you can refer to the local agent office or contact the company customer service to cancel the reservation.

What is the loyalty program offered by RAM to its frequent travelers?

Moroccan Airlines offers its frequent travelers personal accounts on the Flyer program, where they can earn miles with every trip they take on their planes and spend by getting free flights or distances, hotel reservations and car rentals, class upgrade and entering the VIP lounge, and a larger volume of free baggage.

What do I do if my luggage is damaged or lost during a trip on Royal Air Maroc?

You must immediately start submitting an official notification to the company’s lost luggage office at the airport of arrival. You will get a tracking number, please save it and follow the search progress through the company’s website.
And in case of reaching your lost baggage, you will be notified by phone or via e-mail, and coordinate the process of receiving it. You can also proceed with the procedures for requesting compensation in case of damage.


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