Royal Jordanian Airlines is the national airline of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan for the transportation of passengers and freight forwarding since 1963 and one of the most important members of One World International Aviation Alliance, and one of the top 20 international airlines according to safety and air safety rules according to the classification of Airlines.
Jordan Airlines flights start from its main operations center at Queen Alia International Airport in the capital, Amman, to 45 destinations of the world’s four main continents (Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America) via a modern and huge fleet of aircraft that includes more than 27 aircraft, most recently the Boeing 787-8 that entered Scope of work since 2014.
For more information about the Royal Jordanian Airlines in terms of the most important advantages and services it provides, its most important destinations and travel procedures on its flights, you can follow our report today.
Royal Jordanian Airlines

Royal Jordanian Airlines features

• Royal Jordanian Airlines offers its customers a set of benefits that may not be provided by competing airlines in the context of its efforts to gain the loyalty, satisfaction and comfort of its customers and ward off their feeling of boredom or the length of the flight, such as:
Provides comfortable chairs with legroom and head rest space, whose covers are constantly changed after each trip, as well as a power supply to charge cell phones and laptops.
Providing free meals and drinks during medium and long trips and in a delicious way, taking into account the needs of children, patients and special dieters.
• Various and enjoyable forms of entertainment that suit all ages and tastes such as stories, magazines, musical, television and dramatic contents.
• Airport lounges provide high-level entertainment services such as restaurants, the Internet, games arenas, newspapers, and various TV content.
• Ease of booking online and providing the highest levels of protection for luggage and compensation for lost or damaged items, while providing the highest levels of care for unaccompanied, pregnant, sick and special needs children.

Services on board Royal Jordanian aircraft

Royal Jordanian Airlines provides many services that ensure the comfort, satisfaction and welfare of the customer during its flights such as:

the food

During its flights, Jordan Airlines offers a varied selection of main dishes, snacks and sweets according to the length of the trip and the degree prepared by professional chefs of healthy and fresh ingredients and in an excellent presentation and presentation, in addition to providing customized meals for those who follow healthy and ideological diets and fun nutritious meals that are useful for children.
In addition to warm drinks such as tea, coffee, fresh juices and fine alcohol.


Jordan Airlines provides multiple and enjoyable forms of entertainment on its flights to suit all ages and tastes through foreign dramatic, comic and cartoon films, songs and music clips, radio and TV programs, newspapers, magazines and electronic books, viewing service on demand.


Royal Jordanian Airlines provides many comfortable and modern facilities that guarantee the comfort, luxury and customer satisfaction such as personal displays, earphones, eye masks, covers, and others.

The most important destinations of Jordanian Airlines

Flights of Royal Jordanian Airlines from / to Amman Jordan
Royal Jordanian Airlines flights to / from Cairo
Jordan Airlines flights from / to Baghdad
Royal Jordanian flights to / from Bahrain
Royal Jordanian Airlines flights to / from Beirut
Jordan Airlines flights from / to Muscat
Jordanian flights to / from Tunis
Royal Jordanian flights from / to Madinah
Jordan Airlines flights from / to Doha
Jordan Airlines flights from / to Algeria

Travel classes on Royal Jordanian Airlines

Royal Jordanian Airlines offers its customers two degrees of travel on its planes for each class, each with its own advantages that are compatible with travel budgets without failing to comfort and satisfy the customer, namely:

Crown Class

This degree provides its passengers with a smooth process of completing travel procedures, starting with booking tickets, shipping bags and luggage, receiving a boarding pass, and finally completing the passport procedures.
Waiting for the flight departure time or finishing the procedures at the Crown Lounge, which suits different needs and ages of customers by providing Internet service, computers and meeting rooms for businessmen, television network for children and entertaining games for young and old, diverse and upscale restaurants and cafes, comfortable seats, newspapers and magazines and news and sports channels, seats with screens Personal to follow different satellite channels, smoking space with good ventilation system.
On board, the Crown Class provides passengers with quiet cabins and comfortable ergonomic seats with a sleep and cover cover and chargers for computers and cell phones.
Various delicious meals prepared with fresh ingredients by the most skilled chefs, and served a sophisticated, savory, with a variety of drinks such as fresh juices, soft drinks, alcohol and caffeine.
Display screens for the latest movies, TV and radio programs, and cartoons for children, with personal screens on demand viewing on some trips.

economy class

This class provides its occupants with comfortable, air-conditioned reading lights equipped with reading space, legroom, covered headrests and eye masks.
Local and international meals on long and medium trips and snacks on short trips, with special attention to healthy and ideological diets.
Popular and nutritious main course for young children, with fruits and vegetables during long and medium trips.
Special screens and headsets to watch the latest and best films, radio and television programs and cartoon films for children, with contents for reading.
Get discount tickets when you win one of the Royal Jordanian Airlines price auctions on Economy Class flights.

Royal Jordanian Airlines and luggage policy

Jordan Airlines baggage policy varies with its passengers, depending on the destination and class of travel, as follows:

Crown Class

Free luggage: Passengers traveling to or from Cairo, Khartoum and Saudi Arabia are allowed to carry two bags of 32 kg each with a total dimensions of 158 cm.
For passengers on all destinations, except flights arriving from or destined for North American countries, they are allowed to carry two bags, the first is 30 kg and the second is 23 kg and the total dimensions are 158 cm.
Those traveling in North America are allowed to carry two bags with dimensions of 158 cm each.
With a 10 kg piece and a total dimensions of 115 cm for infants, in addition to a folding chair and stroller, sports equipment, wheelchairs and musical instruments are included in the free baggage permitted when traveling.
Overweight: Jordan Airlines applies fees for extra weight that should not exceed 23 kg at a value ranging from 150 to 250 dollars depending on the destination of travel, up to 200 pounds for expats from the United Kingdom, $ 300 for travelers to and from Australia.

economy class

Free luggage: Passengers traveling from or heading to Cairo, Khartoum, and Saudi Arabia are allowed to carry two bags of 23 kg each with a total dimensions of 158 cm, with the exception of trips between Cairo, Amman or Cairo and Doha, the weight of the baggage increases to 30 kg with the same dimensions mentioned above.
For passengers of all destinations, except for flights coming from or destined for North American countries, they are allowed to carry one bag of 30 kg, which decreases to 23 kg in the case of flights between Amman and Tunisia, Oman and European destinations with the exception of Copenhagen.
As for passengers in North America destinations, they are allowed to carry two bags of 23 kg each, and dimensions of 158 cm.
With a 10 kg piece and a total dimensions of 115 cm for infants in addition to a folding chair and stroller, sports equipment, wheelchairs and musical instruments are included in the free baggage permitted when traveling.
Overweight: Jordan Airlines applies fees for extra weight that should not be more than 23 kg at a value ranging between 90 – 140 $, depending on the destination of travel, up to 110 pounds for UK expats, and 200 dollars for travelers to and from Australia.

Book tickets on Jordan Airlines

Reservation and payment of airline tickets on board the Royal Jordanian Airlines through the company’s official website on the Internet easily and safely, by setting the destination and some personal information related to the payment system through the building of travelers in the city of Amman, where you can book for you and the travelers with you within 4 to 24 hours before travel And to be at the airport three hours before departure to finish the rest of the procedures.

Summary of customer reviews

Royal Jordanian Airlines has a 3.5 / 5 rating on Tripadvisor for booking and evaluating flights according to the comments of 1560 people who have traveled on Jordan Airlines.

common questions

The following paragraphs answer all inquiries that are still on your mind regarding the Royal Jordanian Airlines and its dealings with its customers:

What is the Royal Club program that Royal Jordanian provides to its travelers?

It is a program to earn or buy and redeem points and miles offered by the Royal Jordanian Airlines to gain the satisfaction and loyalty of its customers, where by creating an electronic account on the company’s website and traveling continuously on its lines you can win free tickets for upcoming trips or rent cars and book hotels at perfect rates, or get discounts And discounts on bank fees, credit cards and shopping mall visits.
The number of points and miles varies according to the destination and degree of travel, and you can monitor and control your consumption of it through the online account that you have already created on the website of the Royal Jordanian Airlines.
It is also possible to create a family account that includes all family members over the age of two years.

Does Jordan Airlines allow pregnant women to travel on their planes?

Royal Jordanian Airlines allows pregnant women to travel before week 28, provided that she maintains a medical certificate signed by her treating physician, which she may need to present to her at any time to clarify her health status, pregnancy status, duration, and expected birth date within a week of travel. Show the certificate to the company’s medical advisor on its website to decide on the travel matter.
In any case, Jordan Airlines refuses to travel for women after the 36th week of a single pregnancy, and the 34th week of a multiple pregnancy, or pregnant women at an older age or who suffer from pregnancy problems.

How does Royal Jordanian Airlines handle special care cases?

Royal Jordanian Airlines pays special care to patients and people with special needs, providing them with a special section for ticket offices, in addition to trained sales staff to deal with and meet the needs of special groups.
Jordan Airlines also provides special meals for patients and those who suffer from food allergy.
For assistance, special medical equipment or a special food menu during the flight on Royal Jordanian Airlines, please report when booking tickets or at least 24 hours before the flight date.

How does the Royal Jordanian Airlines take care of young children traveling on its flights?

Jordan Airlines directs the best care for young children, whether accompanied by parents or without facilities, by providing special healthy and useful meals dominated by fruits and vegetables with delicious sweets in tightly closed packages to ensure hygiene and quality.
It is also possible to provide meals on request, especially for children who suffer from food allergy or diabetics and others, or formula milk from one of the well-known brands that parents require, provided that the preference for children’s food is reported during booking or 24 hours before travel.
Jordan Airlines also provides special seats for children, on request, and allows infant’s personal necessities, folding strollers, and others.
And on forms of entertainment, Royal Jordanian flights provide educational and educational programs and cartoon films for children on special screens, with puzzle games and stories.

Do Royal Jordanian Airlines accept children traveling without companions?

Royal Jordanian Airlines allows non-Jordanian children to travel from the age of two to 5 years without an accompanying parent in the company of a companion by the company to be chosen two days before the travel, with the payment of the child and escort ticket and the equivalent of $ 60 as service fee during booking.
As for children from 5 years to 12 years old, travel is permitted on Royal Jordanian Airlines flights without accompanying parents or the company if the parents are satisfied with this.
It is stipulated that the unaccompanied child travel procedures must take place at Queen Alia Airport in Jordan and determine who is responsible for delivering the child to the departure gate and who is responsible for receiving it from the destination gate in the destination country during booking.
As for Jordanian children, their travel before the age of 18 on board Royal Jordanian Airlines flights is not accepted without the consent of the father or with a companion other than the parents, with the exception of children of a Jordanian mother who has a passport separate from their mother’s passport.

How can you use the services of Royal Jordanian Aviation after travel?

Royal Jordanian Airlines provides special services upon request after the trip, such as renting modern cars in about 190 countries around the world and at the lowest costs, hotel reservations in a group of the finest hotels in the world.

What is the procedure in case of luggage lost or damaged on one of the Royal Jordanian Airlines flights?

The Royal Jordanian Airlines works carefully and effectively to secure and protect the purposes of passengers on board its flights, but in the event that one of the luggage is lost, stolen or damaged completely and cannot be repaired, the company undertakes to pay compensation of $ 20 per kilogram of lost weight and $ 100 for damaged goods, provided the commitment With the luggage policy allowed to be carried on board the aircraft and the extent of liability of the airline in this regard.
Damaged or lost belongings are reported on the company’s website or by phone.

What services does Jordan Airlines provide to businessmen traveling on its flights?

The Royal Jordanian Airlines provides on board its flights a degree to serve businessmen, “Crown” provides seats with chargers for phones, laptops and wireless internet to facilitate the completion of their deals and their work electronically during the trip, with a lounge at airports and transit points that provide the Internet and rooms equipped with computers connected to the Internet and newspapers, magazines and news channels, in addition to For entertaining entertaining content to fill the free time during the flight on the plane or during waiting and rest times.

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