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A comprehensive guide on Tourism in Russia Close to the cities of the 2020 World Cup matches in Russia, which are of a heterogeneous nature and have seasons, and since we are close to the occasion of the World Cup and playing our national team there for the first time in years, visitors and new tourists who head for the first time there should know their tourist attractions and their most important attractions to take a tour In addition to attending the match.

Information before tourism to Russia

Russia is one of the main countries of the Soviet Union in the past, which brought together neighboring countries and territories that split and divided after its defeat by the Americans. A site in the North and its rule is republican, and it has border partnerships with six countries, one of which is shared with it by a state, these countries are:
Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, Finland. It also shares borders with Azerbaijan, Georgia, People’s China, North Korea, Mongolia and what is known as Belarus, and it includes multiple federal entities of up to 83 entities.
The Russian area is the largest in the world, as the percentage of population coverage in it reaches the most precious thing in the world with regard to inhabited lands.
The densely populated population made it the ninth global population of densely populated countries with about 142 million people or more, Russia takes parts of Asia and other parts of Europe, but it is only 40% European, and it is said that it covers many time zones up to nine regions, in addition to the extensive terrain and high reserves Worldwide about energy resources or mineral presence.
The tree proportions of its forests, as well as lakes, were provided in the subject areas of Russia, and it is reported that their lakes contain approximately one quarter of the world’s fresh water.

Russia’s flag and emblem:

The flag for Rossi is a regular mixture of three lines of white followed by dark blue and then red. As for the emblem, it is an eagle with two heads, each head facing against a red background. The eagle has the image of a white knight raising a sword and wearing a blue back cap. The eagle has two wings and carries with its feet each foot something different It ends with a frilled tail.

Precautions before traveling and tourism in Russia

The application of the laws of the Russians is very important and strictly enforced for everyone, even tourists, but with preparation and avoiding previous fears to travel to that country, everything is fine unless you commit lapses there are in violation of them, and from the insurance precautions before you go there:
Preparing your visa, through the consulate of the Russian embassy in the place of your home, or through a tourism company informing you of all the things required to prepare your visa to enter Russia.
Then inquire and take an information idea about the nature of the country and the tourist areas that are most interested in visiting to determine which hotels will have your place of residence there, and also the types of hotels and the appropriate cost, this will facilitate you to the obstacles there, and provide time to see what you want there.
Pay attention when crossing the border, it is possible that you will be subjected to strict checks by customs officers, regardless of their gender, male or female, and you should be patient because the long time in the examination and scrutiny of the Russians’ name, and you may request to speak individually, it should not contain your file or your passport or visa contrary to what Or raise suspicion.
Inspection and security presence applies to everyone, citizens, tourists, especially Arabs and expatriates from countries hated by the Russians, and after that you should speak foreign English and yet you will need a guide if you buy from their stores because not all of them speak the common language English or a translator, either you have an idea Good for Russian, or use a guided tour from your hotel.

Tourism in Russia in terms of the most important landmarks and attractions suitable for tourism:

Russia’s tourism patterns vary according to its nature and most mountainous sports, especially snow, such as skiing, bicycles designated for mountains and snow, and deltabans, as well as the nature of the mountains there are encouraging climbing, and sport with boats and tours also in or on foot, and visiting caves.
Therapeutic tourism is also available in the sources or springs with mineral water available, as well as the river presence of the Volga, forget, and Lena, which are rivers of depth and breadth and have a large span length, as if you notice a divine prediction for these areas that make them a sporty and nomadic habitat for parks and various trips, as well as hunting, as well as fishing, as well Enjoy the rafting of Zalkatmaran or the river boat.
Perhaps you will be surprised that you can direct drinking from the high purity waters of its lakes, especially Karelia, Baikal, and its forests located in the Russian foothills with the Caucasian and Siberian mountains. The person relaxes during a tour and excursion in those areas that are not contaminated or human corruption.
Tourism in Russia is not a monopoly on what preceded, but you will also find historical tourism, as it has a history that testifies to the ancient domination, castles and palaces that exist, as well as the above and renewed places and places of worship according to the sects that live there, indicating some of that.

Russia’s most famous tourist city:


The first stop for tourists heading to Russia, because it is the first place of Russian interest, and it contains archaeological facilities, museums, palaces and even parks, and the most famous of which is the Kremlin, which is called a historical palace gathering that represented the international legal seat of power in the past in Russia, then turned into a multi-museum tourist attraction.
The Red Square, the architecture and building, with an average location between the Kremlin and the most famous history market there is Kitai Gurord.
Also, the State Historical Museum, State History Museum, and its right site is the Red Square from a gate called the Resurrection Gate, and it contains anthropological remains and collections of ancient archaeological heritage.
Basil Cathedral: It is adjacent to the Kremlin and is an example of the use of colors architecturally and decorative. Evan bell tower is one of the towers that fall within the numerous Kremlin palaces, and being a landmark reaching a height of 81 meters with its foot since 1508 AD, and it is the subject of a continuous and continuous visit from visitors around the world, as it is characterized by unfamiliar Its design is out of the ordinary with its old European-style character.

Moscow Zoo:

Since the year 1864 and has consistently and consistently increasing numbers of animals, its location is not far from the Barikadnaya, which is a metro transport station, to facilitate access to it from any region within Moscow.
From the culturally and recreationally designated Gorki Gardens, it is closer to the open park and its location on the Moscow river cutoff directly with its proximity to the metro in Kulturbar made it one of the Russian tourism regions.
The Kolo Minskoy park overlooking the Moskva, Niskushnen park and Luzeny park are gardens and parks with special natures and easy access.

Russian Sochi:

Overlooking the Black Sea, a host of the Winter Olympics for the past 2014, and is visited by winter sports enthusiasts and lovers, skiing, mountain rides, ice rides, etc., as it contains dedicated snow resort areas, as well as beaches suitable for relaxation and reflection.

Saint Petersburg, Russia:

The site is the Russian Northwest, the eastern Baltic Sea of ​​the Gulf of Finland, the largest city among the fourth European cities, and the second Russia, a harsh winter and a moderate to moderate summer, with milestones that make it an important tourist destination because it contains eight thousand landmarks or a site of heritage value.
When you visit it, do not forget to walk into the Nevsky Street, Petropavlovsk, Kayseri Village and the Winter Palace.


It dates back more than a thousand years ago, and it has a historical history. It includes religious architectures between mosques, among them the Qur’an Sharif mosque and the worship of various other religions, including the Kremlin and churches.


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