Safari in South Africa is one of the most enjoyable and interesting trips, and South Africa is considered one of the most suitable places for safari trips in different places in it, and safari trips to South Africa are considered unique trips, but the problem that most people face is not knowing to do the tours without A guide or tour guide.

Kruger National Park

Kruger National ParkSafari trips in South Africa This park is considered one of the most famous parks in South Africa, and this park is considered one of the most appropriate parks necessary for a safari work, so from or at a glance you enter the park you will feel the vitality and vitality and extra enthusiasm which enables you to make safari trips inside this park, and this extends The park covers about 18989 square kilometers, and your safari experience inside this park is one of the most enjoyable safaris ever. Read also: Tourism in South Africa

Sabi sands reserve

Sabi sands reserveSafari trips in South Africa, which is one of the largest reserves within South Africa, and this reserve is considered a source of attraction for many visitors annually, and this nature reserve is home to many wild animals, as it contains the five most dangerous predators in the whole world and among these dangerous lion, in addition to That this reserve enables its visitors to take amazing tours between the picturesque nature, where the visitor can see many picturesque landscapes, such as plants and dense bushes that fill the place, as well as see a different group of wild animals, in addition to seeing one of the predators And if you are one of the lucky ones, you’ll see all five animals.

Cape Xtreme

Cape XtremeSafaris in South Africa is considered one of the wonderful areas for safari trips in it is Cape Town, which enables its visitors to see the charming nature and stunning scenic views. Cape Town contains an area designated as a nature reserve in 1985, and this reserve occupies a large area of ​​land, and contains This reserve is located on a group of large valleys, in addition to tall mountains and other interesting monuments that attract visitors to it. This reserve is also home to many different animals and plants, as it includes a wide range of cows and buffalo and includes about four l J-5 lions, as well as many zebras, and many other animals that exist only with this reserve, as it contains 172 different species of wild birds, and this reserve is home to many rare and endangered birds, including the black eagle.

Table Mountain

Table MountainSafari in South Africa, the famous mountain Table, and this mountain is considered one of the beautiful regions in South Africa, and the height of this mountain is about 1086 meters above the famous city of Cape Town in South Africa, and Mount Table is one of the most suitable areas for safari trips in South Africa, as the This mountain allows its visitors to do many things, the most famous of which is to take walking tours, as a visitor can walk on this mountain, whatever his age and whatever his physical fitness, and when walking to long distances on this mountain the visitor will see many scenic landscapes, and he also sees a group Huge There are many different plants, as the flora of this region are very frequent.

AfriCanyon River Adventures

AfriCanyon River AdventuresSafari trips in South AfricaOf the wonderful places that are suitable for touring and safari tours in South Africa, especially with people who prefer adventure, suspense and excitement, as it offers many different adventure activities near the famous Gulf of Plettenberg, and its visitors can discover the shallow river and sail through it, in addition to To the sport of jumping as well as swimming in fresh swimming pools, in addition to watching the mountains and huge waterfalls and slipping from the multiple water slides in the region, so this place is considered one of the most enjoyable places in South Africa.

Earthstompers Adventures

Earthstompers AdventuresSafaris in South AfricaThe Earth’s adventures in South Africa are one of the most interesting adventures, and these adventures are one of the most popular adventures as many local visitors and tourists outside the country come to do these fun adventures, which is one of the distinct safari trips inside South Africa, and this journey takes a period It ranges from at least five to six days to discover all aspects there, such as wildlife, vegetation, scenic landscapes and other possibilities that attract thousands of tourists annually to see them, and one of the most enjoyable things facing elephants as well as watching birds Beautiful African penguin.

Shark Cage Diving KZN

Shark Cage Diving KZNIt is considered one of the most fun and exciting safari trips in South Africa, which is seeing the great white shark face to face under the water, and this tour does not require perfect diving nor an experience certificate for diving underwater, as the tour is carried out through a box that moves underwater with many Among the visitors, which enables them to see many different marine creatures, fish as well as coral reefs, in addition to the great white shark that attracts thousands of visitors to visit annually.

Mother City Hikers

Mother City HikersSafari trips in South Africa is considered one of the interesting and interesting places that require walking tours to be carried out over long distances. This place offers many different paths that suit all levels of fitness, as well as age, and the visitor can do many different activities which are walking as well as climbing mountains and seeing the scenic landscape, in addition to seeing many different wild animals,See some of the plants and weeds that fill the place, in addition to many other adventure activities that will guide you to the tour guide, and therefore this is the place of the most important safari in South Africa.

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