Safed city

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Safed city

The city of Safed is one of the ancient historical Palestinian cities, which was distinguished by its location on the eastern side of the city of Galilee, in addition to its wonderful views of both the Sea of ​​Galilee and Marjan Bisan, located in the south-eastern side of this city, and to Jabal al-Jarmaq from the western side of it.

Safed site

The city of Safed is one of the cities in the upper Galilee at 32.58 from the north, and longitude 35.29 from the eastern side, and it is about 29 kilometers away from the Lebanese border, and this location has made it one of the most important strategic sites, and it has become a city that covets many enemies In controlling it and benefiting from its location, in addition to the commercial importance it enjoys, it was in the ancient time a postal station between the Levant and Egypt.

Safad population

The population of the city of Safed reached in the year 1933 AD to about 8761 people, and this number is less than its population in the year 1908 AD, which amounted to about 10,000 people, and the main reason for this noticeable decline is due to the bad conditions experienced by the residents of this city such as famines and epidemics, and in the year 1931 AD its population increased To reach about 9441 people, and their number reached in the year 1945 AD to about 11,930 people, and in the year 1948 AD, many of the inhabitants of this city migrated against their will to become about 2317 people, and large numbers of Jews who settled in and expelled its indigenous people, and its population reached about 15,000 according to statistics That happened in the year 1966 AD.

Safed Economy

Agriculture is considered one of the most important economic sectors in Safed, where all the lands surrounding this city are cultivated with several types of trees, the most important of which are olive trees, grapes, tobacco, and other fruit trees, vegetables and grains, in addition to producing many agricultural crops such as grapes, figs, and melons. Apricots, plums, peaches, pears, oranges and many others, in addition to the industry sector, which is an important sector with the agriculture sector in this city, where it is based on the production of many food industries, cigarettes, bicycles, kitchens and many others, while trade has great importance and As for its distinguished location, which gained it this importance, it enjoys a wide and active movement in the commercial field, because it is the main center of the tourism sector, in addition to being considered one of the most important resorts in Palestine, due to the presence of many beautiful and active tourist places and easy transportation to and from it, It is characterized by the presence of large numbers of markets distributed in this city, which comes to visit many residents residing in its vicinity to carry out the process of buying and selling during the Mamluk era, and later it developed and became one of the most important prosecutions in the Levant, and in the year 1948 AD and defiantly D in 24 of the month 4, was occupied this city by the Zionist enemy, and control and the expulsion of the population of many of the most important places for Lebanon and Syria.


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