Sail Island

المسافرون العرب

Sail Island

Al Sheraa Island is one of the islands located in the city of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is one of the most important recreational and tourism places in this city, and it is characterized by the presence of many places dedicated to family sessions and other dedicated to the youth category, in addition to the presence of quiet and distinguished sessions to eat dinner near the edge of the coral reef , And places for children to be able to play and have fun and spend fun times and many other advantages of this island.

Sail label

Sail Island was named by this designation because it was designed in the form of ten groups linked to several sails consisting of four points that were kept on one side on the roofs.

Water park

The island is characterized by the presence of water parks and swimming pools that can be used throughout the day, where the visitor enjoys complete freedom to perform many activities that he desires, such as playing at the beach and in the waters, swimming, in addition to the presence of distinct acrobatic performances, which attract many to watch.

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Climate of the sail island

The Red Sea area in Jeddah is considered one of the regions with high temperatures and humidity, and it is an atmosphere that is not suitable for sitting, resting and relaxing, and to have a pleasant and appropriate atmosphere you must sit under the tents and enjoy the light and pleasant sea winds. In addition to entering the air and the appropriate light to it, the main tent contains several windows through which the air enters, and in this way these tents are considered an open space for the outside air in cases where there is no wind.

Sail Island features

Al Sheraa Island is one of the islands that are characterized by its distinguished and beautiful sessions, which were created under the shaded sails, in addition to the restaurant called the Island Restaurant, which was created on the beachfront, and the visitor enjoys a wonderful sunset view when sitting in this restaurant, and this island is one of the tourist places Distinguished in Jeddah, where it is characterized by the presence of white sails, which are intertwined with each other on a wide area of ​​the island, in addition to a special hall for children and fully equipped with equipment for education, arts and entertainment, in addition to using this hall to Yam has many special social occasions such as holding wedding parties and special gatherings, and all of these things have made it a suitable recreational place for all groups, and it attracts the admiration of many who come to visit it.

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