Salt Cave in Dubai, one of the inherited ideas that have been transmitted to us from our ancient ancestors and the idea of ​​using salt as a natural remedy for many problems.
That addresses the problems of the appearance of dark spots on the skin or the appearance of some types of rashes or the processes of cleaning and ridding the skin of dead cells, not only that, but also using it to enter it in the qualities of hair extension and the treatment of scalp infections.

The relationship of salt to energy therapy:

This is related to the aspect of the skin, hair, and skin in general, which did not stop treatment with salt, but rather moved to us while he moved from the legacies of the idea of ​​treating the eye and envy through salt. And anxiety.
It is also considered a relaxing factor and a good pain reliever as it is characterized by a high ability to rid the body of the feeling of pressure and fatigue and works on the serenity of sebum as well.
Hence the idea of ​​salt therapy is a very old idea, it was known in eastern Europe where nature found many natural salt caves located under the ground and people realized the benefit of using salt for medication so they used to go to these caves to seek hospitalization.
Salt caves work to relax and help very effectively to improve the general health of the body and is a successful treatment for many respiratory diseases through inhalation of salt dust.
The credit is attributed to transferring the salt cave experiment to Dubai to Ali Ahmed Al-Jibawi, where he decided to carry out the experiment in Dubai, where it uses very advanced devices to grind the salt and spread its dust in the cave atmosphere, in a regular and accurate manner that cannot be seen by eye, and this dust contains many types of minerals that It works to achieve the desired therapeutic goal.

Salt cave in Dubai:

The Salt Cave in Dubai is the largest industrial salt cave in the world. Although there are more than 500 caves in all countries of the world, including Switzerland, America, China, Britain, Germany and Italy, Dubai has distinguished itself from all other countries, it has been built on an area of ​​approximately 140 Square meters.
It is located inside the Wafi Mall and has been created to conform to international standards. It contains a number of chairs that are specially designed to provide users with complete comfort and relaxation and has a good ventilation system. The walls and floors of the cave are designed.
So that it is completely covered with natural salt, which brings from the natural salt caves that exist in Austria in order to obtain the highest degree of purity and sterilization for the whole place. One of the ideas that cave officials resort to is that cave users wear insulating socks to keep the place clean.

Diseases treated by the salt cave:

Salt Cave treats more than eighteen types of diseases naturally and its security away from fears of side effects that accompany the use of treatments and chemical drugs, including these diseases, chest and allergy associated diseases, congestion, colds, otitis, and rhinitis, as well as arthritis, psoriasis, acne and anxiety And breathing problems.

Salt cave treatment techniques:

Relaxation in the cave is used for a certain number of sessions in proportion to the patient’s age and health condition, but it is generally recommended to repeat the sessions from 12 sessions to 24 and take into account that the sessions are consecutive to obtain the best results, and there are ways to measure the extent of improvement in the state of health.

Conditions that should neither enter nor use the salt cave:

There are certain cases who suffer from some diseases that are not allowed to be exposed to inhalation of salt dust to protect them from any complications or damages, and from these pregnant women and patients who have high temperatures and patients with blood pressure and cancer of various kinds.
As well as owners of neurological or psychological diseases who take sedatives or analgesics, these are not suitable for treatment with inhalation of salt, and science continues to knock on the doors of healing, to wipe with his caring hand on all those who suffer the ravages of pain.

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