Samoa Islands

المسافرون العرب

Samoa Islands

Officially known as the independent state of Samo, and its capital is the city of Abia, with a land area of ​​2,831 km2, and it consists of two islands are the island of Opolo and the island of Savai, and is divided administratively into eleven suburbs, and the system of government in it is a parliamentary republic, and its national motto is Samo established on the Lord, and its official currency It is Samoan tala and symbolized by TSA.


Geographically located in the Polynesian region in the water way between Hawaii and New Zealand within the waters of the Pacific Ocean, it is astronomically located at a longitude of 172 degrees west of the Greenwich Line, and at a latitude of 14 degrees south of the equator, but its climate is a seasonal tropical climate.

The islands contain a variety of terrain, such as active volcanic craters, coastal coasts, beaches, and mountainous heights such as Mount Celiseli and Mount Mauga, the intimate fields of Salyalu, and scattered islands such as: Vanuatu Island, Namoa Island, Manono Island, and hotspot.


The population of the population, according to statistics in 2006, is 179,000 thousand people, with a population density of 63.2 people per square kilometer, and the population of the population consists of population origins belonging to the Euronese, Europeans, and Samo, and the population speaks the Samoan language and the English language, which are the official languages ​​of the islands, and according to religion The majority of the population owes a Christian religion.

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Its economy depends on the agricultural sector whose main crops are cocoa, coffee, coconut, natural rubber, pineapple, sugar cane, dried pulp and bananas, and on the industrial sector and its most important industries are wire manufacturing, and on the agricultural industry sector examples of creams and oils, and on the tourism sector .

General information about Samoa

  • Affiliations and memberships include: International Development Association, United Nations, Asian Development Bank, International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, International Center for Consultative Dispute Resolution, World Trade Organization, Alliance of Small Island States, International Finance Corporation, Commonwealth of Nations, Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency .
  • Among its most important suburbs are: Toamasaga, Gagaivumauga, Anna, Fao Funuti, Vasallega, Aiga i Lai Thai, Sattopaite, Palaole, and Ata.
  • The islands gained their independence from New Zealand in the year 1962 AD, and in the same year the constitution of the islands began to be implemented on its soil, and was known in the past as the German Samo and was the first German ruler for it is and Hilm Sulf, and in the second half of the eighteenth century AD and conducted the first European contact on the Dutch island, Jacob Roggen At the beginning of the twentieth century, the islands were divided into two parts, one for Germany, and one for the United States of America.
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