Santa Maria Island

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Santa Maria Island

Santa Maria Island is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Portugal, and it is one of the enchanting archipelago of Azur, consisting of nine islands, which is located in the north of the Atlantic Ocean, at a distance of 1500 km west of the city of Barcelona, ​​where the island of Santa Maria in addition to the island of Sao Miguel forms the eastern group of the archipelago of Azur. And that are only 81 km from each other, and Santa Maria Island is about 16.6 km, and its maximum width is 9.1 km, and its total area is 97 km2. The highest point in the island is called Pico Alto, which reaches a height of 587 m, and discovered this The natural archipelago in the nineteenth century at a distance of 3380 km from the continent North Amarica.

It is noteworthy that the Ozur Islands are volcanic islands in the original, but some, like Santa Maria Island, have not witnessed any remarkable volcanic activity since its stability, which is a completely quiet island, and is characterized by its low population density, despite its amazing beauty, green pastures and picturesque beaches that prompted its visitors to describe it , And the rest of the archipelago, the Portuguese Garden of Eden.

Tourist attractions

the beautiful nature

Santa Maria Island is a distinctive tourist destination for tourists, where they come from all over the world in search of relaxation and tranquility in the embrace of charming nature, and panoramic dream-like scenes. Santa Maria Island has white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, and cool weather, an island suitable for lovers Fishing, and water sports of all kinds, such as diving and surfing.

Water activities and monuments

The island provides its visitors with the opportunity to experience enjoyable swimming in the natural swimming pools or pools in the Atlantic Ocean, which were formed by the rocky activity in the region, and also enjoy whale views and coral reefs, as tourists can walk on foot, or by bicycle to explore the island’s archaeological sites Modernity, such as: churches, public buildings, and military installations that maintained their presence due to the lack of volcanic activities in them, and the absence of earthquakes as well.

Restaurants and hotels

The island contains a variety of luxurious restaurants that offer delicious seafood, delicious dishes, and many tourist hotels near Santa Maria Airport, which are classified in the category of three-star to five-star hotels, to suit all budgets of foreign tourists to the island, such as: Hotel Colombo And Praia, and the island’s hotels in general also offer many integrated services, great facilities for guests, in addition to free Wi-Fi services, and everything that a guest needs for a fun vacation.

Flights to Santa Maria Island are organized through a well-known domestic airline, and it passes through the nine islands, as well as ferry cruises, which continue throughout the year.


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