Santorini Island, Greece

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Santorini Island

Santorini Island is one of the most beautiful and beautiful islands lying on the Mediterranean, until it was called (Greek hymns from the land of the lost world), as it is considered a poetic symbol of the intensity of its splendor and beauty, which poets sing in their poems since the era of Plato to this day.

Island site

The island is located to the south of the Aegean Sea in southeastern Greece, specifically in the Cyclades archipelago, where it stands on a series of very high rocks to protect it from the sea waves. Santorini is the first destination for tourists around the world because of its charming views and breathtaking beauty, as it is a mixture of blue waters, steep slopes and white sheep.

The most appropriate time to visit the island is the spring, for the wonderful scenery that is characterized by the opening of wild flowers in the region and the start of the heat in its waters to rise, and the island is crowded with visitors greatly during the summer period, so many of them prefer to visit in the autumn when the congestion decreases.

The majority of hotels on the island are located on the edges of the mountain, to enjoy wonderful views of the sea directly, and one of the most important and most beautiful (Grey’s Santorini). Santorini Island includes many attractions, shopping, and picturesque slopes, and its houses are characterized by a traditional nature close to the soul, in addition to this it contains an archaeological museum that includes many of the holdings, most of which date back to the third century BC. These artifacts include many utensils, statues and other antiquities bearing Roman and Hellenistic typists.

A brief history of the island

Santorini is one of the smallest Greek islands with an interesting history, as it is described mysteriously. Santorini’s history goes back to the millennia BC. In the region there was a beautiful and large island called Stroggili, this island was inhabited by many people, and one of the most important and oldest civilizations in Europe was built upon it (Minoan), which dates back to the Bronze Age , And I grew up in nearby Crete.

This civilization became famous and flourished greatly to become one of the most important and ancient civilizations in history, but this prosperity did not last long. The island was subjected to a huge volcanic eruption in the year 1500 BC, and many considered that this explosion is the cause of the collapse of the Minoese civilization, and this has led The great event that the center of the island sank, after which disaster struck, as it was exposed to many earthquakes that contributed to the destruction of what was left of it after the volcanic eruption.

The island was distinguished in that period by its round shape, after which it turned into a form close to the crescent. The Dorians settled them from the ancient Greek tribes, and they called it Thira by using the Phoenician alphabet, and they built another city bearing the same name of the island in the northeastern part of it to a high place.

The Pelopenesian war broke out, after which the island was brought under the control of the city of Isparta, then under the Byzantine authority followed by the Venetians, and it fell under the control and authority of the Turks and remained so until the Greek revolution that led to its liberation and independence.

Recent excavations by the island’s archaeologists have revealed the archeology of one of the oldest civilizations that have arisen throughout history, and scientists are now seeking through those excavations and excavations in the region to verify whether that island is the same site that is said to have sunk the continent of Atlantis The Lost, as it is believed that this lost continent possessed an advanced civilization.


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