Sapanca City

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Sapanca City

Sapanca falls within the provinces of Sakarya Governorate in Turkey, and is bordered on the northern side by Lake Sapanca, on the eastern side by Adapazari and the Samanli Mountains, and on the south side by the city of Givi and the city of Pamukova, while on the western side it is bordered by Izmit, the city center of Kocaeli, and the area of ​​Sapanca is approximately 140 km2 It is one of the smallest cities in Turkey, and it is 36 meters above sea level.

Leisure activities in Sapanca

Sapanca possesses among its lands many restaurants and cafes, in addition to the places designated for many different types of sports that attract visitors to practice fishing, rowing, or horse riding. It also provides many football fields, basketball and volleyball courts to practice the most beautiful Sports activities in each of them, and also provides its visitors with the ability to practice skiing by visiting the highest area in which it is his card.

Landmarks of Sapanca

There are many distinctive, historical, religious and archaeological features that Sapanca distinguishes from other cities, including the following:

  • Hassan Fahmy Pasha Mosque: It is located in the village of Mahmoudiyah and is characterized by its attractive inscriptions, and was built in the year 1855 AD.
  • Rustem Pasha Mosque: This mosque was constructed by order of the Minister of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and the husband of his daughter (Rustem Pasha) in the year 1555 AD, and it has been renovated several times throughout history and it should be noted that the Rustem Pasha Mosque is still arriving with numbers of worshipers.
  • Sultana Rahima Mosque: It was built by Sultana Rahima, who is the fourth wife of the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Majeed I, in 1892 AD, and this mosque was restored in 1967 AD.
  • Byzantine coffin and tombs: Exhibits dating back to the Byzantine era.


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