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Saudi Airlines is one of the most famous Saudi airlines, as it is one of the members of the Arab Union for air transport, and Saudi Airlines is one of the companies that have a very big role in traveling to many different and multiple destinations, which reach more than one hundred and twenty destinations Therefore, Saudi Airlines is considered the best among airlines in the Middle East in general.

A brief summary about Saudi Airlines Company:

It is considered one of the best airlines of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is owned by the Saudi government, and for the main base of that company it is at King Abdulaziz International Airport, which is located in the city of Jeddah, and is one of the participating members in the Arab Union for air transport, and the company provides An entire fleet of modern aircraft, which varies in terms of multiple shapes and sizes.

Saudi Airlines flight features:

It is considered one of the distinguished companies because it provides many recreational services, and this is what made it one of the private companies in the field of aviation that received many different awards, due to the services it provides to the passengers, in addition to a lot of distinguished Arab hospitality and the most important features of the trips:

  • It provides all means of entertainment and enjoyment on board during the flight.
  • Saudi Airlines also provides many high-end services that suit everyone’s needs and tastes.
  • Saudi Airlines also provides a distinctive and upscale restaurant that can serve delicious local and international dishes.
  • It also provides free baggage allowance.
  • A list of the best quality foods is also available.

Services provided by Saudi Airlines:

It provides a lot of distinguished services, and this made it one of the best airlines in the world, in addition to that it won many local awards because of providing these services to travelers, and the most important of those services provided by Saudi Airlines:

  • Provides lounges that are dedicated to business, as well as first class passengers.
  • The company also provides adjacent seats for passengers on the plane.
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines also provides the possibility to serve passengers with special needs.
  • It also provides some means of transportation that help in transporting people who are businessmen or first class passengers to be transported to the plane separately.
  • It also provides the possibility of caring for passengers, who need special services upon arrival at the place they are traveling to.
  • The company also provides medical oxygen, in addition to carriers and also some wheelchairs for people with special needs or patients.
  • The company also provides the possibility to issue a boarding pass in advance, through the agencies responsible for self-service at the airport.

The recreational services provided by Saudi Airlines:

Provides many recreational services for travelers, during their flight on the plane, and this makes the traveler feel more relaxed and comfortable, and among the best of these entertainment services provided by Saudi Airlines are:

  • The company offers a wide range of Arabic films as well as foreign films which can be seen on board during the flight.
  • The company also offers some cartoon films for children in the plane.
  • There is also a wide range of entertainment channels that can be seen on the flight.
  • Saudi Airlines also provides some on-board games for children in addition to songs dedicated to the child.
  • Saudi Airlines also provides meals and delicacies to passengers, free of charge.

The difference between the degrees of reservation on Saudi Airlines airline:

The degree of reservation that is booked on Saudi Arabian Airlines varies according to the available service, as Saudi Airlines offers three different degrees of reservation, in order to suit all categories, and the difference between them is the difference in service and also in the price, so that the business and first class degrees It is much more expensive than the economy class, but as for the difference in service between degrees, it is as follows:

  • So that the Saudi Arabian Airlines provides in the business class that the seat shape should be in the form of an inclined bed to get comfort.
  • And for the first-class reservation, the seat is in the form of a fully flat bed to provide more comfort.
  • As for the third degree, it will be the tourist class, and it will provide comfortable seats with the provision of TVs, which are located at the back of each seat.
  • These are nine-inch screens that you can watch many movies, TV shows and songs with.

How to book cheap tickets on Saudi Airlines:

You can get a lower price for tickets through many tips that must be followed, as some tickets that are less in terms of price are available through those things that we will mention, so that you can book your ticket through the Internet at a very reasonable price through:

  • The ticket must be booked about the time that it takes about a month, approximately fifty days, so that you can get a reduced price for the ticket.
  • It is also possible to book a ticket during the period in which Saudi Airlines provides some offers on ticket prices.
  • Tickets can also be booked in seasons other than peak seasons to get the low ticket price.
  • It is also possible to obtain tickets at low prices through the reservation of non-stop flights, because it is one of the cheapest fares from direct flights.

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