Saudi Airlines login

المسافرون العرب

Saudi Airlines login, airlines provide multiple ways to provide assistance, facilitate and facilitate booking, where you can join the Alfursan program through its website, activate a new account, and then log in through the site, to be able to enjoy all the services provided by the Alfursan website, and book flights And choose the appropriate seat, you can also choose the meals provided during the flight, and find out the latest news and reports provided by Saudi Airlines, and in the following article in Arab travelers we learn how to create an account, and log in via the line website I Saudi Air.

Saudi Airlines login

At the beginning of the matter before logging in to the site you must create a membership for the site, and this is done through several steps as follows:
Firstly: Enter the following link to register Alfursan membership.
Second: Fill out the required data form as follows:

personal information

  • Password: Write a password containing a number of words and letters.
  • Confirm PIN: Write the PIN the second time.
  • Preferred language and method of communication.
  • Title: Choose from the list provided.
  • First name in English.
  • Middle name in English
  • Last name in English.
  • How to write the name on the card.
  • The name on the card.
  • Social status.
  • Sales office.
  • Function .
  • The company.
  • Nationality.
  • Passport number .
  • Identification Number .
  • Sex.
  • Date of Birth: Write your birthday on the ID card.
  • Saudi Airlines login - Saudi Airlines login

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    contact information

    Email: Choose the address you would like to be contacted.
    If you choose the home, fill in the required information for the home or workplace:

  • Heading 1.
  • Heading 2.
  • Heading 3.
  • Postal code: private or home mailbox.
  • Your country or region in your city.
  • The province you live in.
  • The city you are inside.
  • Choose a number that you prefer to call home or work number, then enter the number, the country key, the area key.
  • Your E-mail.
  • 1581261799 463 Saudi Airlines login - Saudi Airlines login

    Favorite options

    Choose your favorite things on your flight:

  • Seat, seat number, your favorite meal.
  • Medical requirements: The medical aid you need and want to meet while traveling.
  • Special care notes: write accurate notes of your medical condition.
  • Finally, choose OK to all terms and conditions, then enter the letters below the list, and click Submit.
  • 1581261799 754 Saudi Airlines login - Saudi Airlines login
    After you activate the membership of the Alfursan Airlines website, you can log in to the website easily, through the following link for the Alfursan Airlines website.
    Type in the private membership number, password, and click login.
    1581261799 191 Saudi Airlines login - Saudi Airlines login

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