Saudi Airlines is the national airline of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Saudi Airlines is also considered one of the most important members of the Arab Air Transport Association. This is the center of the main Saudi Airlines, which is located in Jeddah is King Abdulaziz International Airport.
• This is characterized by Saudi Airlines that there are multiple other branches and one of them is located in the city of Riyadh at King Khalid International Airport as there is another branch in Medina, which is located in Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz International Airport and the third branch is located in the city of Dammam and it is located in the King Airport International Fahd.
• Saudi Arabian Airlines provides air services in nearly 100 destinations. These destinations, which Saudi Arabian Airlines organizes flights to, are located in all countries and continents, such as Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America. Also, a statistic has been conducted and it was found that every three minutes a Saudi Arabian Airlines plane takes off.

Awards received by Saudi Airlines

Saudi Arabian Airlines has harvested a large number of prizes, whether they are local awards or international awards since its inception, and Saudi Airlines is making efforts to obtain customer satisfaction in all possible ways.

Awards 1980 – 1989

• 1989 IFS A Award Saudi Airlines won the award for excellent services and support to the catering industry during the flight San Diego to the United States of America.
• 1989 In-flight sales award from “On board Services Magazine” Miami Florida USA
• 1989, when Saudi Arabian Airlines was chosen as the official catering company for the World Youth Cup held at King Fahd Stadium in Riyadh
• 1988 Oscar Award for the year 1988 in Cannes, France.
• 1986 Mercury Award for Support Services from IFCA London.
1983 1983 Certificate of Excellence in Hygiene from IAP Riyadh.
• 1983 The Ideal Kitchen Certificate from Jeddah Municipality for Environmental Health.

Awards 1990 – 1999

• 1999 Diamond Award from “On Board Service” magazine, for distinguished service provided for people with special needs.
• 1999 Emerging Award from “On Board Service” magazine for excellence in catering services
• 1999 The Ruby Prize for Air Sales from “On Board Service”
• 1999 “Quality Cube Award” from Lufthansa.
• 1999 Best Airline Supplier of Air France in the Middle East and Africa.
• 1998 Certificate of Appreciation from the Royal Dutch Airlines.
• 1996 Safety Shield from the Presidency of Civil Aviation.
• 1996 Gulf Air Appreciation Award as the best catering company of the year.
• 1996 The Silver Award for Best Consumer Consideration for March and May 1996.
• 1995 Partnership Award for Excellent Cooperation between Catering of Saudi Arabian Airlines and British Airways.
• 1994 Excellent Service Award for “Saudi Arabia” catering unit in Riyadh from British Airways
• 1993 IFSA Presidents ’Award of Distinction 1993 in New Orleans, USA.

Awards 2000 – 2009

2000 The fourth global position for the Jeddah catering unit from Lufthansa.
• 2000 Diamond Award from “On Board Service” magazine for distinguished non-fee service on board.
• 2002 “Quality Cube” Award from German Airlines (Lufthansa) in recognition of prominent Saudi services in South Asia and Africa.
• 2004 Silver MENA Award for Best Airline Companies in the Middle East and North Africa (May 6, 2004).
• 2004 the first awards for the giant internet portal “Yahoo” in the Middle East, and as the best company to adopt e-marketing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
• 2008 “Saudi Arabia” receives the Digital Excellence Award for the year 2008 AD.

Awards 2010 – 2020

• 2011 won first place for the Digital Excellence Award.
• 2013 Award for Best Airline in the Middle East for the year 2013 granted by “Arabian Business” in Dubai.
• On May 26, 2014, the Information Technology Department of “Saudi Arabia” won the International Quality Award for the second year.
• 2020 “Saudi Arabia” gets the award of the pioneers of marketing through the challenge of stability among fans of clubs to reject intolerance.
• 2020, Saudi Airlines Air Cargo Company wins the Excellence Award in the air cargo industry in Europe for the year 2020 AD, on the sidelines of its particiAl Bahahn in the international freight exhibition in Munich
• 2020 “Saudi Arabia” wins two golden awards, the first for the best design for the first-class suite sleepwear in cooperation with the (Porsche Design) company, and the second for the women’s travel bag designed by (Furla).
• 2020 “Saudi Arabia” was awarded the Excellence Award in (On-board Catering Services) for the Middle East region for the year 2016 AD by the international traveler Pax International for the second year in a row during the Hamburg exhibition of the aircraft interior.

Special Needs Services Awards

• 1992 The Mercury Gold Award for the year 1992 AD presented by the International Aircraft Catering Federation for excellence in providing exceptional meals to those who have vision problems.
• 1997 The 1997 Mercury Gold Award presented by the International Aircraft Catering Federation to issue the Deaf Handbook for Communication and Communication.
2000 The 2000 Diamond Award in Autistic Meals was presented by the Services magazine on the American plane / Orlando.
• 2000 Merit Prize for the year 2000 AD presented by the services magazine on the American plane / Orlando.
• 2000 President’s Award for the first millennium for the year 2000 AD presented by the International Aircraft Catering Federation for excellence in providing outstanding meals, and the Food Services on Aircraft Federation for excellence in passenger services with special needs.
• 2020 The World’s Best Airline Award for 2020 based on the Traveler Reviews.

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