Scandinavian Airlines: A detailed report on Scandinavia Airlines

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Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) or (SK) is the official air carrier of the countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and known to the group of Scandinavian countries since 1946, making it one of the leading international companies in the field of aviation and a founding member of the Star International Air Alliance in 1997.
The company has a modern advanced fleet of aircraft exceeding 155 of the latest Airbus and Boeing models.
In addition to 3 main administrative headquarters in the capitals of the founding countries (Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm), with 3 major airports from which they fly: Copenhagen International Airport, Oslo International Airport, Stockholm International Airport.
The article reviews the benefits and services offered by Scandinavian Airlines for its travelers, and the most common questions about its dealings with customers.

Scandinavian Airlines A detailed report on Scandinavia Airlines - Scandinavian Airlines: A detailed report on Scandinavia Airlines

Scandinavian Airlines features

SAS Airlines provides a number of benefits that enjoy the confidence and satisfaction of its customers and provide them with comfort and enjoyment during the flight, such as:
• An advanced modern fleet of aircraft with regular maintenance, trained crew and high-quality hospitality to ensure customer comfort and safety.
• Easy to book, pay, manage personal accounts and complete travel procedures via the company’s website.
Comfortable foldable seats as a bed with power outlet, head and footrests and ample movement for free.
• A variety of meals from light to main, with special meals for infants and children, food allergy sufferers, and the ability to bring special food onto the cabin.
• Various audiovisual entertainment content that satisfies all ages and tastes, with flying magazine, electronic market and wireless internet services.
• After-flight services such as hotel reservation, car rental, tracking lost and damaged luggage, complaints department.
• A loyalty program for frequent travelers (Sas Euro Bonus) to win free trips and distances, book a hotel or rent a car in cooperation with partner institutions, upgrade the degree and priority of registration and boarding and enter the executive lounge at the airport.

Onboard services

Scandinavian Airlines offers a series of distinguished services on board its aircraft destined for Europe, Asia and the United States in an attempt to gain the confidence, satisfaction and comfort of its customers through:

the food

Scandinavian Airlines offers a great variety of starters and snacks such as salads, pizza, sandwiches and free drinks only for SAS Plus and SAS Business card holders, with complimentary tea and coffee for all classes and destinations.
Also special meals are provided for breakfast and lunch on flights of European countries, upon request, an hour to 80 minutes before the flight.
Special meals for infants and children on board Asia and the United States also depend on soft, canned food with fruits and a bottle of water without adding any derivatives to peanuts.
In the event that you suffer from allergy to nuts or any type of food allergy, you should contact customer service to prepare a special food or bring your safe food free from allergens with you as long as it does not exceed the limits of the weights allowed to carry on the cabin.


Scandinavian fonts offer hundreds of varied entertainment content such as movies, programs, songs and music tracks, with video games that can be followed on personal screens of various dimensions.
In addition to a magazine affiliated to the company that offers light entertainment content, and the SAS mobile app, you can download your free newspapers from 22 hours before traveling.


Scandinavian Airlines offers a range of high-quality facilities for the comfort and enjoyment of its user such as the individual seats equipped with a headrest and another for the feet and a massage system and a power socket, free internet or fees according to the degree of travel to browse the network and the latest and most important news and social networks, high-definition and quality screens of various dimensions and headphones .

the shopping

Scandinavian airlines offer their passengers aboard the plane an opportunity to choose between hundreds of brands, brands and assortments of goods and merchandise offered in its free markets at different airports and exempt from customs.

Travel classes on Scandinavian Airlines

Scandinavian Airlines offers 3 classes for traveling on its flights that differ between them according to seat location, level of comfort and services provided, free entry to SAS lounges, as follows:

Sass Joe score

This degree is provided to its travelers:
✓ The ultimate in comfort and comfort with comfortable seats equipped with a power socket that can be pre-booked for a fee.
✓ Buy snacks during trips to Europe and Scandinavia.
✓ Main meals on long haul flights destined for the United States and Asia, with special menus on request.
شخصية 9-inch personal seat screens to monitor entertainment content.
لاسلكي Wireless Internet services for a fee during flights to Europe and Scandinavia.
لية The ability to cancel free within 24 hours of the reservation date, with the ability to re-book for a fee, the ability to redeem in some types of six air tickets, taking into account price differences.

SAS Plus Degree

This degree is provided to its travelers:
فسي A spacious cabin featuring comfortable individual seats that you can book in advance without charge, with spacious spacers and an adjustable headrest in six positions.
إضافية Extra spacious space in the first row seats to extend the legs, while this space is allocated in the other rows to extend the feet.
شخصية 12-inch personal seat screens to follow the entertainment implications.
طاقة USB power supply.
✓ Free cancellation within 24 hours from the date of booking, the ability to re-book and redeem cards with or without fees depending on the type of ticket and the price differences.

SAS Business (Business Class)

This degree is provided to its travelers:
✓ Comfortable, fully foldable seats as a sleeper and bed with a comprehensive relaxation massage system, and can be booked for free.
لاسلكي Free wireless internet services, with 15 inch HD screens to follow the varied entertainment implications.
✓ Delicious meals including 3 dishes and 4 main course options, with an open buffet to pick fresh fruits, drinks and snacks during long trips to Asia and the United States.
✓ Priority check-in, boarding and entry for SAS lounges for large visitors.

Scandinavian Airlines destinations around the world

Scandinavian Airlines provides flights to about 100 destinations in Europe, Asia and North America, the most important of which are:
Scandinavian Airlines flights to / from Copenhagen
Scandinavian Airlines flights to / from Stockholm
Scandinavian Airlines flights to / from Oslo
SAS Airlines flights to / from Paris
Scandinavian Airlines flights to / from London
SAS flights to / from Beijing
Scandinavian Airlines flights to / from Tokyo
Scandinavian Airlines flights to / from New York
SAS flights to / from Rome
SAS Airlines flights to / from Berlin

Scandinavian Airlines ticket reservations

You can easily book your ticket on Scandinavian flights through the website and enjoy more offers and packages such as the lowest price package, youth package or group package, in addition to managing your reservation by looking at the possibility of changing data or flight path or recovery and re-reservation and upgrade the degree according to the type of ticket and differences Price, as well as manage your Euro Bonus miles account.
You can also book through the local SAS Airlines agent offices around the world or through the company’s call centers.

Scandinavian Airlines Luggage Policy

Scandinavian Airlines does not grant Sas Joe Light cardholders, including members of the Sas Euro Bonus Program, frequent flyers of this class the right to carry any bags or luggage for free.
While Sas Joe passengers are allowed to carry one piece of free luggage with a weight of 23 kg and a total of 158 cm dimensions, with one hand luggage on the cabin of the aircraft with a weight of 8 kg and a total dimension of 85 – 118 cm.
SAS Plus passengers are entitled to carry two free pieces of luggage of the same weight and all dimensions, with one hand bag by weight and of the same dimensions except for flights to / from Asia and the United States, they are allowed two handbags.
Business class SAS business travelers carry two free pieces of luggage with a weight of 32 kg and the same total dimensions, with two hand luggage with a weight of 8 kg.
Scandinavian Airlines also allows its infant passengers under the age of two years, with the exception of passengers on Sas Joe Lite, to carry a collapsible cart with one piece of free 23 kg baggage, and this bag enriches their right to carry a hand bag onto the cabin of the plane.
Baby food, strollers, beds, and folding chairs are considered liquids such as cosmetics or medicines with a capacity of no more than 100 millimeters of luggage permitted on the aircraft cabin, as opposed to sharp objects and weapons that top the list of prohibitions.
In the event that the baggage weights that the passenger wants to take are in excess of the permissible limits for different classes of travel and not exceeding 32 kilograms of weight, he will pay fees that vary according to the destination for each piece, weight or excess dimensions either in advance via the website or when traveling at an airport. Departure.
Noting that the mentioned weights may vary from time to time, in which case the company will clarify the weights permitted for the passenger to the extent of his travel during the reservation.

finishing travel procedures

You can easily register your travel procedures on Scandinavian Airlines from anywhere 22 weeks to one hour before the start of your flight, knowing that this does not make it necessary to register your luggage and arrive through the company’s offices in the various airports within 30 minutes and even an hour before your flight It varies depending on the destination and the type of trip, local, international or intermittent.

Summary of customer reviews

Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) got 3.5 / 5 through Tripadvisor to book and rate flights, according to the reviews and comments of 8194 people who have traveled on their flights before.

common questions

This section answers the most important questions that may come to your mind about Scandinavian Airlines and were not covered in the article:

What will happen if my Scandinavian Airlines flight is canceled or delayed?

SAS Airlines is responsible for your transportation as soon as possible on its first flight or for Star Alliance members departing to your destination, and to inform you of alternate flight details via your email or registered number.

Can I redeem my tickets if my flight is late?

Yes, in the event that the delay extends to 3 hours or more, you can return the value of the ticket to the credit card that was used to purchase it after filling in the redemption request form on the company’s website, or return it in cash through the travel office that made the reservation and purchase process.

What do I do if my suitcase is lost or damaged on a Scandinavian flight?

After submitting a request to report the loss of your bag on the Scandinavian Airlines website, stating its specifications and attaching copies of the travel ticket and bag identification cards, the site will give you a reference number through which you will follow the progress of the search for your lost bags.
After 21 days of searching without finding lost baggage, you can claim material compensation, and serious damage is compensated after looking at the company’s baggage policies.

Does Scandinavian Airlines allow unaccompanied children to travel on their flights?

Yes, Scandinavian Airlines allow unaccompanied children from 5-11 years to travel with compulsory air escorts, while children from 12 to 17 years can travel completely unaccompanied or assign an air escort as desired by the parents.

How can I request special assistance when planning a flight with SAS Airlines?

You can seek medical assistance in the form of providing a wheelchair or an oxygen mask, or request to travel with a companion or a guiding animal, or reserve an additional seat for a maximum of 48 hours before the flight date, while it is preferable for the pregnant woman to submit a report of her health status and pregnancy with a form that contains complete data from her doctor The therapist at least two weeks before traveling.


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