Schengen visa: the comprehensive guide from A to Z

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The Schengen Visa is the magic lamp that many travel and tourism enthusiasts want to get, as it is the key to entering most European countries without the need for a separate visa for each country separately.

The history of the Schengen visa dates back to 1985 when the Schengen agreement was signed, which provides for the cancellation of passports among 15 member states of the European Union to become a free tourism zone.

Below we will put our hands on the most important points about the Schengen visa. First, we will get to know what is the Schengen visa, then we will look at its types, requirements, how to obtain it and the most important common questions about it, so that this article serves as a comprehensive guide and reference for all our valued visitors.

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What is a Schengen visa?

It is a joint entry visa between a group of European countries that allows its holder to temporarily enter these countries and move between them freely, whether for the purpose of tourism, work or study without the need for a separate visa for each country.

What are the Schengen countries

The Schengen Area countries are the countries that the Schengen Visa holder can travel to and move between. The number reaches 26 countries, including 22 countries within the European Union. The following table shows the names of all Schengen visa countries:


Types of Schengen visa

There are 5 different types of Schengen Visa available, the choice of what suits you best depends on the purpose of the visit and how long you will stay within the Schengen area.


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