We offer you a scientific research on tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom has many distinctive tourist destinations represented in the historical monuments that the state seeks to preserve and develop, in addition to modern landmarks of high-rise towers, mosques and shopping centers.
It is worth noting that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that requires obtaining a visa when traveling to it, just as the capital of the Kingdom is the city of Riyadh, which is the largest city within the state, and through Arab travelers we will learn about the most prominent types of tourism within it from the best knowledge of the extent of the development of this sector.

Scientific research on tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the Kingdom is divided into five types: religious tourism, environmental tourism, shopping tourism, medical tourism, business tourism, and we review each of them separately as follows:

1. Religious tourism

  • Religious tourism occupies the first place as the strongest tourism field in the Kingdom. In the Hajj season, approximately two million pilgrims visit each year, along with thousands of pilgrims in Umrah seasons, which is a great source of income for the state, which helps to develop and support the economy.
  • The importance of religious tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is represented in its contribution to the country’s GDP by up to 2.7%. On the other hand, the government budget to develop this type of tourism reaches more than 2 million riyals.
  • What distinguishes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in religious tourism is that it includes a group of historical mosques next to the Sacred House of God, the most prominent of which is the Quba Mosque which is the first built in Islam, alongside the Qiblatan Mosque, and many important historical sites of a religious nature such as Ghar Hira and Ghar Thaur, to The side of Jabal Arafa.

2. Ecotourism

  • Ecotourism is considered one of the most important types of tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, because the Kingdom is characterized by an important strategic location, as it overlooks the coast of the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf, as well as it possesses a variety of mountain ranges.
  • Tourism revenue in the Kingdom ranges between 6 to 40 billion riyals, but the government has made strenuous efforts to develop it. Since 1986, the Saudi National Wildlife Authority was established to establish natural reserves to preserve animals and birds threatened with extinction. Among the most prominent of these are the protectorate of mule and brown veins. opposed.

3. Shopping tourism

  • Shopping tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is witnessing tremendous progress and development. In recent years, the government has taken care of establishing many shopping centers in various parts of the Kingdom for various commodities such as furniture, clothing, gold, handicrafts, carpets and artifacts.
  • Shopping places in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia vary between popular markets and malls, in addition to supermarkets, and many marketing corals are held in many modern commercial centers, the most prominent of which is the Riyadh Festival of Shopping and Entertainment and witnesses a large number of visitors, and many of these malls are interested in providing offers Discounts on all products, especially on holidays.

4. Medical tourism

  • One of the most prominent forms of medical tourism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is represented in the natural places of hospitalization, such as hot springs that spread throughout the Kingdom, such as the province of Al-Hareth, Al-Leith and Al-Ahsa, in addition to the province of Al-Daer.
  • Medical tourism is also represented in hospitals in all parts of the country, which are characterized by being equipped with the latest medical equipment, as well as it includes the most qualified doctors, whether from inside or outside the Kingdom, and among the most prominent medical tourism destinations in Riyadh, Khobar and Jeddah.

5. Business tourism

  • Business tourism is witnessing a remarkable development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the Ministry of Commerce and Industry is working to develop this sector in cooperation with the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage, and one of the factors that helped the development of business tourism is the development witnessed by the Kingdom in the field of economy.
  • Business tourism contributes about 21% of the total tourism to the country, in addition to attracting more than 3 million tourists, and annually annually more than 100 thousand events are held in all parts of the Kingdom as it includes more than 600 halls for holding exhibitions and conferences.

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