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Recreation and relieving the burdens that life imposes on a person is considered one of the most important requirements for a peaceful life. There are many means through which this goal can be achieved, perhaps the most prominent of which are trips, which require that a person or group of people spend together a certain period of time in a place It is determined in advance, entertainment is not the only goal behind trips, as trips in general are many types, and they have many goals, it is a very broad activity, and necessary at the same time for every person, and many Arab, Islamic, and international personalities throughout history have been known for this activity, Until it became known as the wind It has a lot of wandering around the different parts of the earth, and below we shed light on this important human activity.

The importance of trips

One of the benefits of public trips :

  • Tours help increase the bonds of love, and strengthen the human relationships between those who make the journey. In this context, trips may be an important means for establishing many new relationships.
  • Getting to know new parts of the earth, and practicing activities that people have not previously practiced, in addition to getting to know other human cultures.
  • The practice of religious rituals, through religious trips to the Holy Land, which differ according to religious beliefs, as this type of journey works to develop the spiritual aspects of the human being, and provide it with an amazing energy that is unparalleled.
  • Increasing a person’s self-confidence, developing his skills and various talents, and this importance is highlighted mainly in some types of trips, such as individual and school trips made by school students.
  • Advocating principles, ideas, and beliefs, such as trips by clergy, thinkers, and others.

Tours and tourism

Private leisure trips are among the most related to tourism: internal and external, and they may interfere with each other until they become one thing, hence the attraction of people towards trips contributes to the growth and prosperity of the tourism sector, and this brings many benefits to everyone, perhaps the most prominent These benefits: Improving the economy of the countries that attract tourists, and increasing the job opportunities resulting from the desire of investors to invest in the tourism sector, in addition to the benefits that accrue to the person himself; such as widening his horizon, knowledge, etc., The spread of a culture of trips in societies that look at such These activities as Secondary activities worthless is one of the things that help to improve the mental health of the people, Falcabh, and various diseases of the soul does not come from a vacuum, and life did not exist to work only, but need human to Prudence, balancing and enjoy.

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