Search for roads and transportation. The abbreviated path is the street and the main traffic area, which carries all means of transportation, such as cars, trucks, bicycles, and other things related to transportation and traffic. It is considered a means of transportation that can not be dispensed with by anyone because it is an important means that may meet all your needs, whether going to work Or recreational tasks as it helps to transport the goods of the shops, as there are roads all over the streets and around the world around cities and villages and they are divided into roads designated for transportation, cars and trucks, as they consist of sub-streets and internal and can not increase traffic in cars within this Sub streets, but the movement of persons where it becomes heavily crowded streets while the main large and all sorts of diverse means of transportation and that transport you to the right place to spend your business Hawwaij or any other recreational Emczuaar which is covered by asphalt.

Types of transportation methods

The means of transportation on the streets differ as there are dedicated roads for transporting goods by truck, and transporting people by car to carry out tasks, and there are many types of road we will mention now:

First, ground transportation: –

There are specialized transportation in roads such as bicycles and cars of all kinds, firearms and pneumatic, where a person enjoys while walking to reach the place appropriate to him, where there are heavy vehicles that may transport goods in various fields of commerce, industry and manufacturing, also includes trains known as railway roads, where they are considered An important means of transportation worldwide.

Second, marine transportation: –

It is shown by the sea route where ships and submarines travel, which are also a means of transport.

Third, air transportation: –

These are travel routes through the sky, such as planes that need to travel to other countries, and provide travelers with effort and long distances, and to reach neighboring countries in a few hours.

Transportation methods, past and present

In ancient times, the permissible means of transportation was walking on foot and the workers were transporting goods by traction with ropes, where in 5000 B.C. the person began using animals as a means of transportation and he put the lamb and goods on the back of animals and transported them to the appropriate place, and in the year 3000 BCE man appeared in the manufacture of wooden carriages and consists of 4 wheels, where they were manufactured to carry goods and facilitate carrying effort and time during maritime transport, where they manufactured legitimate boats for maritime transport, and in the fourth century BC until the eighth century the Romenians paved roads until It is easy for vehicles to drive on them, and in the twelfth century AD, Europeans began to invent huge horse-drawn chariots.
In the eighteenth century, the development of means of transportation until the Europeans arrived to invent the steam engine in order to help manufacture trains and steam powered vehicles and began to spread widely in European countries. In the late nineteenth century, gas and oil were discovered and exploited in the service of transportation and development, where it helped This is in the construction of marine vehicles and ships that were operating through oil, and it was used in the construction of the first passenger aircraft in 1903 AD.

Transportation in Saudi Arabia, past and present

Transportation may be considered the spirit of the world that meets human needs and greatly assisting the functioning of life. It is impossible to find a country with no transportation available, and we will talk about transportation in Saudi Arabia, ancient and modern, as transportation was in the era of King Abdulaziz, King of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was Depends in the wild ways on caravans of commercial camels and pilgrimage, the person was skipping long distances by continuing camels and horses and also donkeys used them for short distances, then in the 14th century AH the Saudi state developed the means of transportation with the emergence of cars, and on the basis of which the mil As Abdulaziz expanded and designed the roads well. One of the first ways in which he paved the road to Mecca and Jeddah was 73 kilometers, as air transport appeared as planes.

Saudi Ministry of Roads and Transport

The Ministry of Transport was established to be responsible for the means of transport and communications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where the Ministry was established in the year 1372 AH, as it took great interest in the transportation sector and distinguished care until the length of the road was no more than 239 kilometers only, and it is one of the best sites provided by the Kingdom A major road network to connect the main regions of the Kingdom and to provide the largest possible number of services around residential communities in cities and villages throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

An article on the expansion of the Two Holy Mosques and the care of all holy feelings

The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Suleiman bin Abdulaziz, provided during his reign the best service for Muslims and Muslims all over the world, where he was interested in expanding the two holy mosques and providing the best philanthropic services in printing the Qur’ans and making pilgrimage programs, as he was interested in building Islamic institutions such as mosques and charitable projects adopted in orphanages and building Centers and hospitals.

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