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Alexandria Library

The Library of Alexandria is one of the most famous libraries in the region and the world, and this ancient library has been known throughout history with several names, including the Great Library and the Royal Library of Alexandria. And there is a big difference about identifying the person who built the library for the first time in history, some went to that the first who built it is Alexander, which included it in the plan of the city of Alexandria when he built and planned the city, while others went to that the first who built the library is Ptolemy I, and some of them said that the credit for its establishment goes back to Ptolemy II, given that he was the one who completed the construction operations after the expiration of the era of Ptolemy I, who issued the order to build them according to historical accounts.

The status of the Library of Alexandria

The Library of Alexandria has a very great position, because it is considered one of the oldest government libraries in the whole world, and what was raised from the library’s ability to contain books that preserved science and knowledge from all parts of the globe, this library was a link between the eastern and western cultures, and it was imposed All those who study it and take care of it should leave a copy of their works in it, and this has worked to provide it with many serious works, and at the same time it has helped to develop those responsible for it in a great way, which was reflected in the library itself. This was followed by a number of trustees of the library secretariat, including the Valerian in the year two hundred and eighty-four B.C.

New Alexandria Library

Since the Library of Alexandria was in the old one of the most important libraries of its time, a project has been undertaken to revive this great heritage in cooperation between the Arab Republic of Egypt and the United Nations, where a new library was built near the site that the old library occupied, and this has opened The great library in the year AD two thousand and two, and with an important global presence. The library includes a very large number of books, as these books vary between various types of sciences and knowledge and from different parts of the world, and this is only evidence that the library is following in the footsteps of the mother library, it is still to this day a link between East and West, and a melting pot that mixes It contains different human cultures. The library’s importance is compounded by the modern technologies that were provided to it, especially its archives on the Internet. The library also includes seven different libraries to suit all kinds of people, to display information in all possible ways, and the available and available means.


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