Today, dear reader, we present to you a search for the Masmak Palace, and the Masmak Palace is one of the historical signs that testify to the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Immigration The Riyadh Municipality took over the restoration of the palace, and after that the Saudi Ministry of Education, in cooperation with the General Authority for the Development of Riyadh, undertook the process of developing the palace and transforming it into a museum and still contains traces of the establishment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by King Abdulaziz and in 1416 AH corresponding to 1995 the palace was opened by King Salman Bin Abdul Aziz tastier Y was the prince of the Riyadh region at this time, and to know more about the Masmak Palace and the reason for calling it by this name and what it consists of you should stay in our interesting and useful site for Arab travelers.

Search for the Masmak Palace

In the beginning, I would like to mention that the reason for calling the Masmak or the fisherman’s name to this name is because of the thickness and strength of its walls. The first purpose of its construction was to be a storehouse of ammunition and weapons to counter any aggression and a safe place to manage Riyadh’s affairs.

The materials on which the Masmak palace was built

  • Adobe .
  • Plaster.
  • Stones.
  • Palm .
  • Terracotta mixed with straw.
  • Logs of the proverbial tree.

The Masmak palace and its historical and cultural significance

The historical and cultural significance of Masmak Palace is as follows: –

  • Masmak Palace was considered a safe place for weapons and ammunition and storing war-related equipment to prepare to face any surprise attack of the country or any attack.
  • Qasr Al-Masmak square was a place where the violent battle between the Al-Rashid family and the House of Saud, in which Amel bin Al-Rashid was killed and the spear in which he was killed, was held as a witness to the events.
  • Al-Masmak Palace contains many monuments that explain the stages that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has gone through as a testament to the sophistication and development.

Where is the Masmak Palace?

  • The Masmak Palace is located in the northeastern corner of the old city of Riyadh and is now considered in the Al-Dirah neighborhood and the Masmak Palace has been built of mud bricks and it is considered one of the oldest palaces that were built in Riyadh.

What distinguishes the designer palace

In addition to the strength of Masmak Palace architecture, it has many other architectural features and its own structural specifications, namely: –

  • the gate : The gate of the palace was made in the past from the logs of the elk and palm tree. It is located at a height of 3.60 cm 56.2 cm and the gate thickness is about 10 cm and there is one hole called (peach) through which one man can enter a curve and at that gate the fierce battles between King Abdulaziz and his opponents were carried out until He managed to kill Amel bin Rashid and the spear he used to kill him is still broken and hung on the palace gate.
  • The mosque : On the left side of the palace entry is the Masmak Palace Mosque, which is a single room with a mihrab, and in the room there are a number of shelves over which the Qur’ans and books are placed, and on the ceiling there are a number of openings for lighting and ventilation.
  • The Council (Diwan): It is a rectangular room in which there is a (and a neighbor), which is the traditional slope in the Najd area.
  • Horoscopes: There are 4 towers in each corner of the palace, the length of each tower is about 18 meters, and these towers are climbed up by an internal ladder made of wood, and the thickness of each tower is about one and a quarter meters, and these towers were used in the past for observation and shooting. It is called the Square and was used to oversee the rest of the palace.
  • well : On the northeastern side of the palace there is a water well, from which water is extracted through a bucket.
  • the yard : In the center of the palace there is a building surrounded by the rooms from each direction. There is also a connection between the rooms from the inside through internal doors. There are also stairs in the courtyard on the eastern side of the palace leading to the first floor of the palace. There are also 3 floors in the palace. For the establishment of the king, the second floor for the money house, and the third floor for guest accommodation.

The Masmak Palace remains a witness throughout the ages, attesting to the courage and defense of the people of Saudi Arabia in front of any aggression, and their sacrifice for them preciously and preciously, as it now contains the most important historical monuments that also attest to their progress and development.

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