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Archeology researches the lives of peoples and their ancient civilization, and studies the remnants of those civilizations such as: the remains of buildings, currencies, bones, and tools. These remnants clarify the way of life of peoples, and help identify their civilizations, the way they develop, and the reasons for the fall of these civilizations. Scientists use many modern methods and techniques to search for archaeological evidence in an accurate and systematic way. Records of evidence that have been found will be recorded. In this article, we will discuss some of the methods used to search for archeology.

Ways to search for antiquities

detect location

Determining the location is the step that the archaeologist should start with, because archeology can be found under the surface of the earth, above the earth, or under the water surface such as: the remains of sunken ships or cities that were flooded with water as a result of changes that occurred on the surface of the earth or changing the water level, The location is determined on scientific basis by surveying the site and walking at a specific destination. Aerial photography is used to know the differences in plant growth that indicate the presence of archaeological evidence, and mineral reagents to search for metal tools.

Site survey

By searching for a specific site, scientists describe the site and record detailed notes about it, describe the archaeological evidence, take pictures of the site, and simplify maps after measuring the dimensions with the steps or the measurement condition. There are many special tools that are used to survey the place and draw detailed maps of the site, and after mapping the researchers collect some of the archaeological evidence found in the site, and it is divided into small areas, and study each space separately, then record on the map the location of the artifacts that help in the search in a way systematic.

Site exploration

Scientists are searching for the effects buried in a process called archaeological excavation, a method that depends on the location, climate and nature of the soil, and is used in excavations tractors, heavy machinery, small tools and brushes, and the soil can be sifted to obtain small pieces, and the soil can be analyzed in the laboratory to detect human evidence and waste.

Work under water

Scientists are searching for underwater archeology using many methods, such as: aerial photography that may reveal the features of an entire city immersed in water. The sonar-based sonar wiping is used to detect underwater effects. Metal detectors can be used
To detect the presence of mineral substances, divers can map detailed locations with underwater cameras, and balloons are used to lift heavy materials in order to study them thoroughly.

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