Determining the place of residence in London depends on a large number of factors, one of the main factors is the cost, and there are many other things that must be taken into account, including the distance from work, college, school, and others.

And all of these are just a few considerations that affect your search, but there are certain aspects that everyone wants where they think, and these include low crime rates, good amenities and public transportation at hand.

Richmond at the Times

This area of ​​south west London will suit those who want to have great options to reach the city center, but they also want to live in a place more sense of the small town, and Richmond has a beautiful green village, and it also includes the most famous places to enjoy the summer, and there is a group Excellent out of store, the area has the added advantage of being the lowest single in terms of crime rates across London, and is recommended for families and young professionals with a high disposable income.
Richmond upon Thames, Surrey, England


This modern area is located in South East London and is home to Prime Meridian, so it is located in the eastern and western hemispheres, and Greenwich is located on the banks of the Thames River, and provides excellent transport links to the city center thanks to the Docklands Light Rail Station, and there Lots of cafes, bars, trendy restaurants, and some excellent schools if you have children, and it’s good for families and young professionals.


And this area is one of the most suitable areas for fans of large open spaces, Clapham is one of the most modern areas in the city to live, and it is located in the area of ​​southwest London, as it includes many shops, restaurants, excellent amenities, transportation links and schools, as well as It is definitely not the cheapest area to live in.


Camden is perhaps one of the most exciting areas around London, as it has a wonderful market, which sells all kinds of alternative items, and tattoo galleries line up the main road, and if you like music, you will think you have reached paradise, and for For young people, Camden is a great place to live.

Notting Hill

Notting Hill is famous for movies, as it is a distinguished place that includes many amenities, restaurants, bars and modern cafes, as well as many wonderful stores, and of course the world-famous carnival, because West London has a unique charm, and it is not the cheapest area in which to live, This is sure to be a central area, as it is suitable for young professionals and families alike.


West Hammersmith is located in West London in an excellent location, with excellent bus links, and the central Main Street has shops that offer everything you can think of, there is a good selection of schools, as well as a sufficient number of bars and restaurants.


This area was one of the poorest areas in London, but now Hackney is one of the most wonderful places in the whole city, and it is also a popular area for young people, in addition to those who work in the media or in creative industries.

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