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The great development witnessed in life contributed to the fact that travel is a basic matter, and a well-known pattern in the lives of many people, depending on their needs in different areas of life, including: treatment, recreation, work, etc., where man has been roaming in different regions and cities of the world, and it may be This travel is internally within the same country in which a person lives, so that the move is from one city or province to another, or it may be outside the borders of the state so that the transfer is from one country to another, and in this article we will learn about the seven benefits of travel.

Travel benefits


Traveling is one of the things that has a positive impact on the soul of a person, as it relieves him of the worries, boredom, and stresses of life, and he is deprived of it, in which a person wanders from one place to another to enjoy picturesque sights, seas, lakes, parks, and others, and this is something that can improve his mood and condition Psychology, where joy enters his heart, becomes lively, explains his chest by seeing beautiful scenery, and stimulates his mind to think positively.

Acquisition of living

The person who is constrained by the reasons for sustenance in his country resort to traveling in search of livelihood, and God may give him wide gates of livelihood in that country that he traveled to, and he has golden opportunities that he did not have before.


This is represented in the travel of a person from one place to another, seeking knowledge and knowledge. Some travel to study a specialty that does not exist in his country, and this plays a large role in the development and development of peoples ’lives, and acquiring extensive knowledge in many areas of life, including: engineering, medicine, law, and mathematics. And chemistry, and other fields, it is worth noting that the Companions and the Prophets followed this approach, as some of them traveled long distances in order to hear and transmit a hadith to the Prophet – may God bless him and grant him peace -.

Literature achievement

In his travel, a person meets with writers, sane people, scholars, and intellectuals, and thus he acquires from them the best of morals and learns about the different customs, cultures, and manners of them, so that he becomes superior and transcends his character.

Make friends

Man meets many people during travel, lives with them in one place, mixes with them, and thus makes strong friendships with them, and they have the best support in joys and sorrows, and in countries of alienation far from loved ones and family.

Invitation response

The traveler’s invitation is one of the invitations that God Almighty does not reject, as he responds to it, and so the traveler must pray for mercy and forgiveness for himself, his parents, and all Muslims, and ask and request reconciliation from God Almighty, and facilitate the affairs of his life, and open the doors of happiness and comfort to him in this world and the hereafter .

Increased relatives and friends

A person visits his loved ones, companions, and relatives who live in the same country, and this contributes to strengthening the social ties and relations between them, as he gains the pleasure of God, the Most High, the Most High; since he reached his womb and did not cut it, the uterus is one of the things that Islam recommended and cared most about.

Video about the benefits of travel

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