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It is one of the African countries located in the Indian Ocean, and it consists of multiple unusual islands of its picturesque beauty, and these islands are the world of dreams on the ground, and the capital of the Republic of the Republic of Seychelles is a city called Victoria, and the reason for its name in this name is the name of the tax collector’s name, which is of French nationality, and the Republic of Seychelles or The Seychelles archipelago is composed of several islands, which number 115, and away from the east coast of Africa, a distance of 1600 km, and the Seychelles is divided into rocky and granite atolls. Righteous atolls, and Madagascar is the main island of the Seychelles, and the official religion in the islands is Christianity, and the currencies most used in it are the euro, then the dollar, followed by the Seychellois rupee.

The nature of the island and its climate

  • The Seychelles Island relies heavily on tourism, and is considered the most important point to attract and draw the attention of tourists to it with its beautiful tropical climate throughout the year, green forests and even turquoise waters, and most of the visitors to the Seychelles Island are newly married, where they come to celebrate the honeymoon or renew love in Among them, Seychelles is a refuge for many wild and marine animals and even natural plants subject to extinction, as it is considered a natural reserve for rare and migratory birds, and contains wonderful scenery and natural tourist attractions, and therefore it was called “the pearl of the Indian Ocean”.

Island residents and area

The people of the Seychelles are made up of many different races and races, including the French, the Chinese, the English, the Africans, and the Indians, and despite these numbers, the Seychelles is one of the poorest islands in terms of population, as its population in a statistic made in 2002 AD reached 80,300. One thousand people only, and the island covers an area of ​​455 square kilometers.

Island Hotels and Resorts

  • Fregate Island Private hotel: It is located on Frigent Island and contains sixteen six-star villas.
  • Constance Ephelia Resort: It is located on the most beautiful beaches of Mahe Island and is classified as five stars.
  • Constance Lemuria Resort Hotel “Lemuria Resort”: located on the beaches of Praslin Island and chosen as a golf resort for four consecutive years and is classified as five stars.
  • Raffles Praslin Seychelles Resort & Spa: Located on Praslin Island, it contains 86 villas and is classified as five stars.
  • Four Seasons Resort Hotel: Located on Ma Island, it has several high-class five-star villas.

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