Seychelles Islands

المسافرون العرب

Seychelles Islands

The African Seychelles Islands are located in the waters of the Indian Ocean, 1,600 km from the northern African coast, to the northeastern side of Madagascar and to the northwestern part of Somalia. The Seychelles Islands, which number approximately 115 islands of the Republic of the Seychelles, and its capital Victoria is one of the main inhabited cities In addition to its other major suburbs, which surrounds a group of islands made of granite rock, the remainder of its islands are small atolls with low peaks, a large part of which is planted underwater.

History of the Seychelles

Pirates of the Seychelles continued their exploitation for more than 200 years, to be an important base for their ships in the Pacific waters and a good hideout for them due to its empty population, until France sent one of the exploratory trips to the island in the year 1775 AD, on the basis of which it made an announcement to annex the group of islands to it, where The captain of the expedition descended on its largest island, and named it after their ruler, who is still named after him.

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In the year 1770 AD, the first batch of the French population and their colonies reached the islands, with the aim of cultivating them with sugar crops, tea and other diverse tropical plants. After Britain’s defeat of France in the war headed by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1814 AD, France was forced to hand over the Seychelles to Britain, which made it An independent colony, until it achieved independence in 1976.

Administrative division of the Seychelles

This country consists of 25 suburbs, all of which are located on the inner islands except for the two-color Cecil suburb, which is the newest construction and construction suburbs, which are located on the outer islands, where 8 suburbs combine with each other to form the Greater Victoria suburb, while there are two suburbs on Praslin Island Another suburb is La Digue Island, and the largest number of its suburbs is concentrated on Mahe Island, in addition to a number of remote islands belonging to the La Digue suburb to the northwestern part of the Lahia, and the Coral Islands located to the northern side of the inner islands.

Residents of the Seychelles

The total area of ​​the Seychelles is 455 sq km, which is inhabited by more than 80 thousand people only, and most of the residents of the Seychelles are from the eastern regions of Asia such as China and India, while there is a minority of Africans and early colonists, and most of these residents work in The thriving tourism sector on these islands, in addition to growing various spice crops.

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