Shahat Effects

المسافرون العرب

Shahat city

The city of Shahat was founded in the Jabal Al-Akhdar region in the Libyan state by some adventure lovers of the Greeks, and that was in the year six hundred and thirty-one B.C. Year.

This city has known many successive civilizations, and therefore it is considered the most beautiful city in the country, and it is ranked tenth in the Arab world among the historical cities. The name of this city is mentioned in the Bible, where the book of the Maccabees was mentioned in the Torah, and it was mentioned in the Bible through a man called Simeon of Cyrene who helped Jesus, peace be upon him, to carry the cross with him.

The most important monuments in Shahat

  • Temples: There are many temples in the city of Shehat, including the temple of the god Zeus, which is considered according to Greek mythology as the Lord of the Gods, and this temple is considered the largest among the Greek temples after the temple in the city of Athens, the Parthenon, and dates back to the fifth century B.C. An altar, and also a temple to Maalh, which is one of the unknown temples, and there is the Temple of Artemis in which the altar is located, and there is also the Temple of Hecate, the Temple of Hades, and there is the Temple of the Capitolium.
  • Hammamet: It contains the baths dating back to the Greek era, in addition to the Baths of Trajan.
  • Greek market: known as the Agora.
  • Acropolis Castle.
  • Theaters: There is the theater, which dates back to the Romen era, in addition to the Greek theater, which turned into ampheatir, and there is the Hellenistic theater, which is known as the Odeon.
  • Galleries: known as the Hercules Gallery, and also the Hermes Gallery,
  • The Wall: It is located outside the city, and it was built between the first century AD and the second century AD, and it contains many gates on the wall, perhaps the most famous of which is the Greek Gate.
  • Columns: Columns abound in shahats, the most famous being the Brahmomedes column.
  • Fountains: It contains the nymph fountain known as Qorini, and also the Hellenistic fountain known as the eye.

There are also many monuments, statues, baths, and palaces, the most famous of which are the Gaius Magnus Palace, squares, horse racing fields, offices for public records, the most famous streets of Patos Street, and churches dating back to the Byzantine period, most of which are still visible and steadfast despite Time and the successive storms, tremors and wars, and it is clear that most of these effects date back to the Romen era and also the Greek era, and the Greek era.

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It is worth noting that there are many rare artifacts, numbering about two hundred, which are on display in the Shahat Museum, and what really raises is the presence of about seven thousand and eight hundred items that are not on display even though they were discovered.

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