Shiraz city

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Shiraz city

One of the Iranian cities located in the province of Fars, near the Zagros mountain range, and rises from the sea about one thousand four hundred and eighty-six meters, and occupies the second place at the level of Iran in terms of area, surrounded by the western side of Mount Drake, and from the north by the mountains of Bamo, as for its name. The name, as it was mentioned in many historical books and papers that it was known first as Terazis then Sherawis, and finally Sheraz, and was also known as the month of Zara, as it was called the House of Knowledge during the rule of the Safavid state; For a number of additional countries As for the Saffariya, such as the Pueyeh and the Zandah, between 1750 AD and 1781 CE, it is known for its poets, including Saadi Al-Shirazi and Hafez Al-Shirazi, who wrote their poems in the Persian language, and is also famous for its gardens, flowers and wine making.


According to estimates, the city existed more than four thousand years ago, and its name was seen in a group of inscriptions dating back to ancient Cuneiform, that is, more than two thousand years before BC, specifically in the southwestern part of the city, and according to some Iranian legends, the Persian king Tahmorth is the main founder of the city, but after his departure, it was transformed into ruins and archaeological remains, and the Achaemenids ruled it until the Muslims conquered it and its architecture was reconfigured by Muhammad bin Abi Aqil al-Thaqafi, and from that time it became a military and administrative center.


The city is interested in education, and it produces several cohorts every year. Among the most important educational institutions are:

  • Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, which was founded in the year 1950 AD.
  • Shiraz Technical University, which was founded in the year 2004 AD.
  • The College of Electronic Industry.
  • Amouche Center, Hafez Shiraz.

touristical monuments

As for its tourist attractions, they are many, and the most important of them are:

  • Pasargad: It is an ancient Persian city, which was considered the first official capital of the Khomeini during the reign of Cyrus or Cyrus the Great, and it contains traces of the Cyrus Palace and Tomb, and was classified as the best historical city, according to a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Raspolis: The capital of the Achaemenids was between 550 and 330 BC, and was seventy kilometers from Shiraz in the northeastern side of it.
  • Pars Museum: It is one of the most important archaeological and historical museums in the city, and the building of this museum was a palace of hospitality, which belongs to the Zandian state in particular, and was buried by Emperor Karim Khan Zand.

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