The traveler does not matter the destination of travel as much as it is important for him to return to his country with an album of memories that convey a vivid picture of what he witnessed and discovered. And if you want to talk about Azerbaijan, the jewel of the South Caucasus crown, then it happened, there is no embarrassment, it is not only a country that loves the hearts of its rich culture and its picturesque nature, but also an ideal place to acquire small artifacts and jewelry to decorate your home and remember this pleasant holiday in this amazing country.
Azerbaijan celebrates a large number of foreigners residing in it, and the market is full of branded goods, with reasonable prices and rich diversity. And if you, like any other tourist, want to know about local art and handicrafts, you will experience happiness and joy when you realize that the streets and cities of Azerbaijan are full of silk, handicrafts and other artifacts.

Shopping in Azerbaijan: What to buy?

You can find all the famous holdings and products of famous brands such as wallets, clothes, perfumes and shoes that you may think of in Azerbaijan’s commercial centers. But if you are looking for local products to take home as souvenir, you can buy refrigerator magnets, colorful Azerbaijani scarves, regional pottery items available as plates, bowls, and more. You can explore more by clicking here and art lovers reach their goal with a bouquet of oil paintings or “oil paintings” as they are popularly known. “Oil paintings” are painted with crude oil from Azerbaijan that describes oil towers and city life in prehistoric times or even towers Flame. You can also get “oil” paintings at reasonable prices from local artists in various souvenir shops.

Shopping in Azerbaijan: where to buy your souvenirs and gifts?

Here are the top 5 places to shop in Azerbaijan!

Tsum Shopping Center
It is one of the oldest department stores in Baku, and it is one of the prominent shopping centers in the city, and the four floors of this center include everything from wedding dresses to electronic devices. It is strategically located in the heart of Baku, and is one complex to meet all your needs and more. And do not miss to know the various services of the center, from locally produced goods, through the products of famous brands and handicrafts, to the products of distinguished brands.
Nizami Street
Nizami Street is named after the famous Persian poet Nizami Al-Kanjawi, and it is one of the most famous shopping streets in Baku. Explore the wide variety of stores this street boasts: from supermarkets to convenience stores selling souvenirs and other brand products. Wandering around this busy street will definitely boost your bargaining skills.
Fountain Square:
If you are looking for high-end brands that combine elegance with modernity, head to the Fountain Square located in the heart of Baku, and you can find a large number of high-end shops. Once you are done shopping, you can also get a rest and relaxation in any of the elegant restaurants and hotels that fill the fountains of the Fountain Square.
Taza Bazaar:
Taza Bazar, the caviar paradise, is one of the oldest and largest street markets in Azerbaijan and sells everything, from fruits to vegetables to nuts and flowers. You can taste the amazing caviar at the Baku Beluga restaurant, which offers the rarest caviar in the world.
House of Craftsmen Center
If your goal is original goods in Azerbaijan, and if you are looking for a wide range of small antiques and ornaments to bring them back home, go to the House of Craftsmen Center, which is located in the city of Sheki in Azerbaijan.

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