Shopping in Georgia is one of the unique experiences where local products are characterized by high quality and appropriate price. Georgia is located in the Caucasus region between Eastern Europe and West Asia on the eastern side of the Black Sea, and Georgia is among the most beautiful countries in the world and the most beautiful as it is characterized by a picturesque nature that makes it a haven for nature lovers. Georgia includes a wonderful mix of different cultures and diverse civilizations, which are reflected in the monuments of ancient churches and forts, squares, wonderful gardens and buildings that witness to the ancient history of the country. The capital, Tbilisi, the city of Batumi, Kutaisi, Borjomi and Godori.
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Shopping in Georgia, Europe

Shopping in GeorgiaThe most popular place to shop in Georgia
Georgia is famous for its many products, the most famous of which are gold, silver, precious stones, ancient jewelry and authentic Caucasian carpets, due to its high quality and inexpensive prices. There are also several local markets in Georgia, where there are various commodities that are popular with tourists, and we find in the capital Tbilisi a lot of markets such as “Dry Bridge” for cheap goods, “East Point” shopping center, entertainment center “Entertainment Center”, Bazaar Square, Gallery of Caucasian Carpets and many others . It is also possible to purchase a wide variety of traditional collectibles such as old fashioned jewelry, gemstones, Georgian drinks, local artifacts, works, paintings, and exquisite Caucasian rugs.
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Georgia Markets:

Caucasian carpet purchase is one of the most important shopping experiences in GeorgiaCaucasian carpet purchase is one of the most important shopping experiences in Georgia

Best souvenir places in Tbilisi

1- “Dry Bridge” market for cheap goods

One of the best shopping spots in Georgia is the cheap Bridge dj Bridge, located in the old city of Tbilisi, near the Dra Bridge landmark or the Dry Bridge. This market is the ideal place to buy the various souvenirs that tourists love, especially the ancient fountains, which are distinguished by their wonderful design, precious silver vessels and artistic drawings that highlight the beauty of nature in Georgia. Tourists can also go to stores that sell Soviet-era medals, uniforms and other antique home decor items. We recommend spending a few hours exploring this important market and strolling the narrow paths to find hidden treasures of Georgia.

2- Bazaar Square

If you want to buy the most famous traditional Georgian products or souvenirs such as accessories, Georgian drinks or other necessities, Bazaar Square is the ideal place for that as it is one of the oldest bazaars in the Caucasus region, and Bazaar Square offers the best of Georgia’s history and culture. It allows tourists to taste local snacks and learn about traditional iodine industries. Here at Old Tbilisi Center, you can buy hats, national costumes, accessories, drinks and books. Besides shopping, you can also visit the ancient and historical monuments of Tbilisi.

3- East Point: one of the largest shopping centers in Georgia

Tbilisi, the shopping capital of Georgia, has been enriched with a shopping center with international brand stores and great places to entertain, making it the largest mall of its kind in Georgia. East Point Shopping Center is a shopping and entertainment complex that offers its visitors the opportunity to shop, eat and play in the same place and spread over an area of ​​24 hectares. The center features iMax technologies with ten cinema screens, and has dedicated facilities for children to play and entertain more than 3,500 square meters.

4- Caucasian carpet exhibition

Tbilisi is the best place to buy famous Caucasian carpets as you can find carpet stores all over the city with the distinct effect of European and Asian culture. One of the recommended places to visit is “Caucasian Carpet Shop”, which provides Georgian rugs with distinctive colors and designs.

What to buy in Georgia?

Gold, silver, precious stones and ancient jewelry: Due to the high quality and cheap prices, many tourists from all over the world visit Georgia to buy silver, gold and old jewelry.
Art and paintings: Small masterpiece production is part of everyday life in Georgia. Here you will find handcrafted clothes, paintings, as well as local handicrafts.
Antiques and various gifts: In Tbilisi stores you can find many antiques from collecting all over the world, not just from Georgia.
Georgian drinks: Georgia is famous for its drinks, and Tbilisi features traditional drinks where you can taste more than 500 types.
Traditional carpet and shawl: The Caucasian Carpet Gallery in Old Tbilisi is the place where you can find original handmade carpets and shawls that are made in the well-known Karabakh region.

Which Georgian products do you like?

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