Shopping in Ireland .. Enjoy shopping in Ireland’s best malls and markets.

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Shopping in Ireland .. Dear tourist Ireland is famous for providing many distinctive shopping places, so Arab travelers give you your guide to the pleasure of shopping in it.

Shopping in Ireland ..

Here is a group of the best markets in Ireland .. Get to know them ..

Shopping in Ireland .. Enjoy shopping in Irelands best malls - Shopping in Ireland .. Enjoy shopping in Ireland's best malls and markets.Here is a group of Dublin’s best markets .. Get to know them “Dublin Flea Market” .. It is considered one of the most famous Dublin markets in Ireland. The market operates on the last Sunday of every month and is characterized by the diversity of its products and its high quality. Also, its prices are not exorbitant so you should visit it dear The tourist, especially that it suits all levels and provides products for all tastes. “Grand Market” .. Dear tourist, you should visit this wonderful region because it holds a weekly market that specializes in selling traditional products such as clothing and jewelry, and it also displays classic products dating back to the seventies of the last century Like shorts and other products With these products, they are suitable to be distinctive souvenirs. “Khao Street Market” .. This street is considered one of the best shopping streets because of the presence of a number of shops in it, and perhaps the most important is Design Namart, which provides the most famous designs of clothing and jewelry. “More Street Markets” .. Dublin’s most famous market .. This street is considered one of the most important shopping places in Ireland due to the availability of food products of all kinds as well as beautiful plants and roses, the street is characterized by its beautiful architectural design and classic colors that reflect Ireland’s culture and heritage, when you wander the street you will see the carts drawn by horses and That gives him a beauty look as if you came back with pals N to the past and the most beautiful shops by “Moore Mall” located downtown street many shops With it, and also restaurants, street works seven days a week except Sunday.

Here are the best markets for books in Ireland.

1581239595 177 Shopping in Ireland .. Enjoy shopping in Irelands best malls - Shopping in Ireland .. Enjoy shopping in Ireland's best malls and markets.Here are the best markets for buying books in Ireland .. “Nassau Street Markets” .. If you love to own books, you should definitely visit Nassau Street located in the south of Trinity College, where the street has many bookstores in various fields and their prices are reasonable in addition to that you will find products Musical instruments and cylinders, as well as local clothes with beautiful designs and handcrafted products of silver like daggers. “Liberty Market” .. Dear tourists, you should visit it because it is one of the most famous local markets in the city, when you go to it you will enjoy spending hours wandering around to buy beautiful books in various fields And localized as many languages ​​as you can You can buy interesting storybooks to give them to family and loved ones as beautiful souvenirs, there are accessories and gifts at the market that are affordable, there is the market on Meath Street in front of Thomas Street. “Chapters Bookstore” .. a famous store selling books of all kinds and also you can Exchanging books with it, you only need to give them a book that you do not need and get another book without any charge, and the store also has CDs and other educational means, which distinguishes it because its prices are moderate, but of course they differ according to the value of the book.

Learn about Ireland’s best malls.

1581239595 762 Shopping in Ireland .. Enjoy shopping in Irelands best malls - Shopping in Ireland .. Enjoy shopping in Ireland's best malls and markets.Learn about Ireland’s best malls .. “Lefty Valley Mall” .. Lefty Valley Mall is one of the most famous malls in Dublin, so it is witnessing great crowding, especially in the evening and on holidays because going to it is not limited to tourists, but many locals go to it and it is not Just a shopping mall, but it is an entertainment destination. If you are a movie lover, you can attend an interesting cinematic movie in the cinema in it, which includes more than 14 screen displays. It includes a number of local and international restaurants, so eat your meal in one of its examples, including KFC, Burger King, and McDonald’s. “Stephens Green Shopping Mall” .. Dublin’s most famous mall .. The mall is distinguished by its presence in the most popular areas Beln It is also one of the largest malls in the city, the mall contains many shops that provide local products of high quality in addition to international products at reasonable prices, there are cafes, restaurants and entertainment places such as games halls. “Eilac Mall” .. The mall is located in a street Henry near the shopping center “Jervis”, the mall is one of the best malls in Dublin to provide a beautiful atmosphere that attracts the admiration of visitors. For example, the water fountains in it give a calm and comfortable atmosphere to the place as it is the first mall in Ireland with glass lifts. River Island, H&M, Diesel, and Alta The first in the mall is a large library that attracts large and popular visitors. “Blanchardtown Mall” is considered one of the largest malls in Ireland and the mall is popular and popular with tourists, besides the local residents. The mall consists of two floors to include 4 suites with shops selling Fine local products or international products for famous brands such as Harvey Norman, Swarovski, Bershka, Aldo and Monsoon, Zara and other international brands of up to 180 brands. Shops also provide all the products you may need along with a bowling hall, cinema and gymnasium .

Find out about a selection of the best shopping options in Ireland ..

1581239595 905 Shopping in Ireland .. Enjoy shopping in Irelands best malls - Shopping in Ireland .. Enjoy shopping in Ireland's best malls and markets.Learn about a group of the best shopping options in Ireland .. “Weirs” .. Dear tourist, if you want to get the finest and most valuable products, you should definitely head to the Weirs store, as it specializes in this type of product. When you visit you will find wonderful jewelry and jewelry and valuable antiques. In addition to accessories, silver products and leather goods, this store is very popular and large numbers of tourists and locals go to it due to its valuable products and great dealings with customers. Examples of brands offered by Montblanc, Cartier, Gucci and Leonardo, the store is located on Grafton Street 96-99 and Wicklow Street S. Triet 1-3, Dublin Ireland. “Witchcraft” .. Dear tourist, if you are looking for a suitable place to buy unique souvenirs, you should definitely visit Witchcraft, which offers a selection of the best handcrafted souvenirs such as wood crafts, jewelry and other local manufactured products. At the hands of the most skilled craftsmen, the store is located in Lord Edward Street 5, Dublin, Ireland. “Arcade” .. It is considered one of the most important shopping destinations in Ireland so you should visit it while it is located on George Street. The center is characterized by its beautiful Victorian building, so the center includes many stores high Level, which offers many products, we advise you to Specialized in purchasing clothes from him especially to express the culture of the place and has beautiful clothes in the Bollywood style and you must enter the restaurant in it to eat delicious sandwiches and then complete your tour of the center. “Power Court” .. is one of the most beautiful shopping centers in Ireland because it is a beautiful palace built in the eighth century Tenth and represents the beauty of Georgian architecture in Ireland, it is definitely worth a visit, it includes about 40 stores alongside art galleries and is located in 59 William Street. “Lucy’s Lounge” .. It was established in 1987 in the Temple Bar area, the store is distinguished by its distinctive design and Inspired by “Alice in Wonderland” when you visit him you will enjoy By buying exotic clothes and distinct gifts of accessories and antiques. “Brown Thomas” .. It is found on Grafton Street and it is distinguished by its large area, it contains the most famous brands like Chanel, Burberry, Gucci, Charlotte Tilbury, Bobby Brown, Ted Baker and others. Famous brands.


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