Sidi Massid Bridge

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Sidi Massid Bridge

The bridge of Sidi Messid, suspended in the air in the state of Algeria, is considered one of the most important and most elevated bridges of the city of Constantine, and even the most charming, beautiful and famous.

The height of the Sidi Messid Bridge is estimated at approximately one hundred and seventy-five meters, while its length is approximately one hundred and eighty-six meters, and with a width of about five meters, and with a bearing capacity of estimated seventeen tons, which made it one of the most important, most unique and unique tourist sites in Algeria.

Location and construction history

This bridge crosses the Sidi Massid area of ​​Wadi Rimal, and it is opposite another suspension bridge known as the Syed Rashid Bridge, and on the opposite side is the Bab Al-Qantara Bridge.
The bridge of Sidi Messid was built in the year one thousand nine hundred and nine AD, by the most famous French engineers in Europe, and it is one of the specialists in building the suspended metal bridges. The cost of building this bridge reached an estimated amount of five hundred thousand French francs, and the duration of its construction took About three years.

The labels

Sidi Messid Bridge is known by several other names, the most famous of them are:

  • Console or elevator bridge: This designation is due to the presence of stairs and elevator at the end of the bridge that leads to Al-Jadeedah Street.
  • Rope Bridge: This designation is due to its shape that appears suspended in the air by moving ropes.
  • Hospital or Spitar Bridge: This designation is due to his proximity to the hospital, and has recorded more than one incident of individual suicide.


The city of Constantine is considered a city built on two high rocks, and this bridge has come to form a convergence of the ends of these two rocks, and it has been built on them by rock buildings, as a great valley passes through it, leaving the viewer a magic after the magic of the beautiful landscapes that capture the beauty of beauty The vegetation and valley flowers scattered on its banks. A cable car project was created on the site that connected the two rocks to each other, which allowed people, through their rides, to enjoy the magical nature of the place around it. On the other hand, a large and deep river runs from under it, the eye of the other is not aware of the eye, which was often covered by the tales of the ancients and marketed for the mysteries of its secrets, which have not explored the present day.


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