The roots of the past are rooted in the tourist places Sofia Bulgaria, and it seems clear to everyone who visits these tourist attractions.
As each monument and every tourist place tells a different story of conflict, persistence and perseverance;
This makes Sofia, the capital, shining with energy, cultural richness and standing as the second oldest settlement in Europe.
Here are its top attractions if you are looking for an interesting destination.

Tourist places Sofia Bulgaria

The National Palace Of Culture

Founded in 1981 as part of Bulgaria's 1300th birthday celebrations, it is located in the heart of the city and is a striking sight in itself.
Today the building and its surrounding gardens are an interesting example of socialist architecture in the past;
It is also the largest conference center in Europe. The palace hosts a number of important events, from art galleries to concerts where thousands of shows are shown throughout the year.The National Palace Of CultureThe National Palace Of Culture

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Borisova Gradina Park

Quiet fans may get annoyed by the bright lights, tall buildings and bustling streets of the city,
Therefore, the peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city is the Borisova Gardena Park, where the air is fresh and calm.
The park was built in 1884 and is divided into three parts; three successful gardeners designed each part of the park including greenery and a wonderful lake in the park.
This makes the park the ideal place to experience Bulgarian natural beauty and enjoy it in peace, and the park includes a wonderful building that served as the seat of the first Bulgarian national TV broadcast in 1959.Borisova Gradina ParkBorisova Gradina Park

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

Nevsky Cathedral is considered one of the largest Eastern Orthodox churches in the world and an important symbol of the past of Bulgaria, built in a modern Byzantine style in a beautiful and complex shape and it is one of the most visited monuments in the city. Thirteenth on Germany and Sweden.
It is also a great and quiet place to spend a few quiet moments in the city, and visitors can spend hours exploring the majestic interior that makes this cathedral so important. Alexander Nevsky CathedralAlexander Nevsky Cathedral

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The Museum Of Socialist Art

This new museum aims to display artworks created during the socialist period in Bulgaria;
It includes the works of some of the most prominent painters and sculptors of the time. The museum features an indoor exhibition and an outdoor sculpture garden.
The museum houses a number of attractive exhibits, including the Red Star that decorated the headquarters of the Socialist Party in Sofia one day in the past.
There are also a number of sculptures depicting famous leaders, most notably Joseph Stalin.The Museum Of Socialist ArtThe Museum Of Socialist Art

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